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Duplicate Icon Processor v2.0
Copyright (c) 1991, 1992 by Keith Ledbetter

DUPICON is a program that will go through your drives and find all
exact matches of icon files. I wrote this program because my Icon
collection has grown to approximately 1800 icons, and trying to weed out
all of the duplicates by hand is quite tedious.

The program was a "quickie", so I'll say up front that you are not
going to be overwhelmed by beautiful screen displays , but it is
functional and has been exhaustively tested. v2.0 will now support
up to 10,000 icons in one search (this number may be smaller depending
on your available memory at run time).

When you first run DUPICON, it will prompt you for where you want
the program to search. The options are:

[A] All drives [B] Current drive [C] Current directory:

[A] will search for .ICO files on all drives (C: - Z:) and in
all subdirectories.

[B] will search all subdirectories on the current drive only.

[C] will search the current directory (and all directories under
it). This option is handy if you have one master \ICON\
directory with subdirectories under it.

Next, you'll be prompted for deletion options:

[A] Prompt for deletion [B] Just list them [C] Auto delete:

[A] will prompt you for each duplicate found, asking you which
file to delete.

[B] will only display the duplicates found to the screen.

[C] will automatically delete the second icon.

How it works

DUPICON first scans the appropriate drives and directories to build a
table of all .ICO files found. Next, it reads each .ICO file and
calculates a 16-bit CRC of each file. Lastly, it goes through all .ICO
files where the CRC matches and does an exact BYTE-for-BYTE compare to make
sure that the two icons are exact matches. If they are, you will be
prompted to delete one of the icons (if you asked DUPICON to prompt you).

That's All!

This program is a freebie, so use it and pass it to your friends as you
see fit. If you need to contact me, I can be reached at the following:

Electronic mail on GEnie : ORION.MICRO
CompuServe: 72240,1221
AOL : KLedbetter

Keith Ledbetter's Software Catalog

Listed below is a chart of my other shareware and freeware utilities,
along with the current version number of each. Also listed is the
filename that you will find them under on BBS systems (please note that
they may be different on your favorite BBS's, but it should help you at
least get close to locating them). When you register one of my Shareware
programs, you will receive a disk with all of these utilities on it.

Filename Version Description
----------- ------- -------------------------------
SST_53a.ZIP 5.3a The ultimate file-finder program. Until
recently this was simply called "WhereIs".
It's now been renamed to "Supersonic Search
Tool" to avoid confusion with other programs.
Shareware: $15

LCD_40b.ZIP 4.0a "Led's Change Directory" is an intelligent
directory changing program. This program was
voted one of "the 10 best utilities of 1990"
by the "Public (software) Library" magazine.
Shareware: $15

LACE_14.ZIP 1.4 "Led's Autoexec and Configuration Editor"
allows you to keep up to 14 boot-up
configurations within SINGLE config.sys and
autoexec.bat files. You then select the
configuration you want at boot-up time.
Shareware: $15

AV_12.ZIP 1.2 "Archive Viewer" is used to display the names
of members of all of the popular archiving
programs (ZIP, ARC, LHARC, PKARC, ZOO, PAK).
No longer do you have to struggle remembering
the syntax to 6 different archiving programs.
Freeware: $0

X_30.ZIP 3.0 "X: The Executioner" can save you a lot of
disk space. X allows you to ZIP down those
seldom-used-but-hard-to-delete .COM, .EXE,
and .BAT files into one system "Command
Library". You can then execute them easily
by simply typing an "x" in front of the
command line (eg: "x chkdsk c:").
Freeware: $0

ADMENU30.ZIP 3.0 If you own an Adlib Music card, you need this
program. It allows you to ZIP down all of
those .ROL song files you've accumulated, yet
still play them with no extra effort! Uses
a mouse-able, easy-on-the-eyes window system.
Freeware: $0

DELDIR12.ZIP 1.2 "Delete Directory" allows you to delete an
entire directory (and all directories under
it) with one quick command. You will be
shown totals of what you are about to delete
and then be asked to confirm (the confirm
process can be over-ridden from the command
Freeware: $0

DIRSIZ11.ZIP 1.1 "Directory Size Information" allows you to
easily determine the total size (in both
files and bytes) of any directory.
Freeware: $0

DUPICO20.ZIP 2.0 "Duplicate Icon Deleter" is for any Windows
3.0 user who has accumulated tons of icons.
It will go through a directory and delete all
duplicate icon images, regardless of what they
are named.
Freeware: $0

TIMER10.ZIP 1.0 This program allows you to easily time the
execution of any program. Simply use TIMER
to invoke the command (eg: "timer chkdsk C:")
and you will be shown, at the completion of
the command, the elapsed time.
Freeware: $0

UNTAB10.ZIP 1.0 One of the fastest "un-tab" programs you will
find. It takes the specified input file and
copies it to the specified output file,
replacing all tab characters with hard blanks
(you specify the "tab size").
Freeware: $0

You can download all of these files from the Blue Ridge Express in
Richmond, VA. This is the official tech support board for all of my
software, and there's a special "Keith Ledbetter" message section where
you can quickly get your questions answered. Once you log on, just do
a "J KEITHL" to join my sub-board. First-time callers have access to
both my message base and all of my download files.

The Blue Ridge Express is a first-class BBS, with 30 phone lines; no
need to worry about getting a busy signal! The number is:

The Blue Ridge Express BBS

All of my software can also be obtained from the following places:

Alternative Personal Software
269 Springside Drive Suite C
Hamilton, Ontario
Canada L9B 1P8
Tel: (416) 577-4068

PC Assist Limited
4 Carruber's Close
135 High Street
Edinburgh, EH1 1SJ
Tel: 031-557-6432

BroCo Software
P. O. Box 446
Tel: 31-2155-26650

John Warren
BBS: (0228) / 476-111-06 (Swiss Telepac)

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