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METZ TSR January 6, 1991

METZ Software Support (206)-641-4525
P.O. Box 6042 Sales 1-800-447-1712
Bellevue, Wa., 98008-0042, U.S.A. International (206) 641-4525
Fax (206) 644-6026

GEnie: A.METZ Compuserve: [73567,1637]

METZ TSR is a DOS application which is to be used in conjunction
with the various METZ Software Microsoft Windows applications. This
TSR (Terminate and Stay Resident) is an application which prevents
a METZ Software application inactivity timeout while you are running
a DOS application under Windows. In the past, the inactivity timeout
could occur while you were still working in the DOS application. Now,
with METZ TSR installed, it will only occur after the specified interval
of keyboard and mouse inactivity has elapsed, regardless of whether you
are running a DOS application.
If you use any of the METZ Screen Savers or the METZ Lock product
and run DOS applications under Microsoft Windows, we suggest that you
install METZ TSR. To install this product, either add a line containing
METZTSR to your autoexec.bat file or type METZTSR at the DOS prompt
before you run Microsoft Windows.
Many METZ Lock users have asked for an option to prevent Ctrl-Alt-Del
from resetting their system. This can now be acomplished by adding a
command line option of "/!" to the tsr when it is first run. For example:
"METZTSR /!" will disable the ctrl+alt+del keystroke combination from
dos and under Real and Standard mode Windows.

METZ TSR will work with the following METZ product versions or greater:
METZ Lock 1.4
METZ Task Manager 1.0
METZ Desktop Navigator 2.5
METZ Desktop Manager 3.2
Previous versions are not affected by this tsr.

METZ TSR also is compatible with the ThreadZ File F/X product.

METZTSR.COM uses only 464 bytes of memory.

METZTSR uses the function number 169 when it is installed. If by
chance you have another TSR installed which uses the same function
number, you can override the default function with a /f option:
where ### is the new number between 128 and 255.
You will also need to add the same function number to the WIN.INI file
under the section pertaining to the particular METZ Software

[METZ Lock] -- section for METZ Lock

The METZ Software application will not attempt to interface with the
TSR if the function=0 in the WIN.INI file.

This product is a METZ Software application, use for purposes other
than the support of our products requires a license agreement from
METZ Software.

Version 2.0
* METZTSR can now be used to prevent Ctrl-Alt-Del.

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