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Installation and release notes for ClipMate(TM) for Windows v3.01
Release Date (07/26/94)

*********************** Installation Notes *************************
System Requirements:
Windows 3.1.
VGA or better display. Monchrome vga is ok.
Mouse or other pointing device.

To install ClipMate, just run the accompanying
SETUP program from the Program Manager.

The setup program does not require seperate install/target
directories, meaning that if you've un-zipped the files into
the directory that you want to run from, you can still run the
setup to install the software - it will just skip the copy step.

It is strongly recommended that ClipMate be placed in its own
directory (i.e. C:\CLIPMATE).

When the Setup program runs, it will create a ClipMate group
with the ClipMate icon, and icons for documentation. If you
decide to move the ClipMate icon to another group, such as the
STARTUP group, you can delete the ClipMate group.

NOTE: ClipMate doesn't alter ANY of your system files.
It creates NO hidden files, puts NO DLLs or VBXs in your
\windows\system directory, and is basically a CLEAN APPLICATION.
ClipMate is EASY to get rid of, if you decide that it doesn't meet
your needs.

* If you already have ClipMate on your system: *
* If the old version is running, quit out of it. *
* Make a backup of any data files (.CLM) that *
* you want to keep. *
* Your data files will be converted to v3.0 format, *
* which is NOT backward-compatible. *
* You may install ClipMate into the same directory *
* as the older version. *

You are encouraged to place ClipMate in your Startup Group,
and to assign a hot-key to it. The hot-key must be done
through the Program Manager, but the group can be changed
during installation.

To assign a hot key (after installation), just click once
on the icon, and select File|Properties from the Program
Manager's File Menu. In the Hotkey field, press a
key-combination, such as Ctrl+Alt+C.

**************** End of Installation Notes ******************


* Notice to Compuserve Users: *
* On-Line registration is available. *
* See HELP for details! *

Product Description:
ClipMate for Windows v3.0 - Clipboard
Enhancement. ClipMate remembers all items
that you copy to the Windows Clipboard. Lets
you view, edit, combine, and print clipboard
data. Support for most clipboard formats,
including Bitmap, Picture, RTF, OLE, and more!
Exclusive PowerPaste(tm) feature provides
rapid pasting into applications.
New release features automatic configuration.
Shareware $25 By Thornton Software Solutions

CLIPMATE.EXE The executable program - requires Windows 3.1
CLMICONS.DLL Dynamic Link Libary to support the iconbar.
CLMREAD.TXT README file with installation notes.
CLMREG.TXT Registration form.
DEFFLTR.INI Default settings for "Application Profile".
FILE_ID.DIZ BBS Standard Description File
SETUP.EXE Setup Program, by Brad Smith
SETUP.INF Configuration file for SETUP
VENDINFO.DIZ VENDINFO file, describing product and distribution
guidelines, for use by BBS/Vendor operators.
NOTE: The OMBUDSMN statement can be found in the on-line help.
For that reason, it is not duplicated on its own file.

Optional Files: Archives, containing all above files.
May or may not be present, depending upon where you obtained
CLIPMT.ZIP or ZIP file containing all of above files. May or may not
CLIPMT30.ZIP be present, depending upon where you got ClipMate from.
CLIPMT30.EXE Self-Extracting archive, often used instead of .ZIP file.

OBSOLETE FILES: CLMVEND.DOC - Old version of VENDOR.DOC. Name changed
to conform to standards.
FILTER.CLF - Old FILTER file from version 2.0.

De-Installation Notes:
These instructions are included in the event that you determine that
ClipMate does not meet your needs, and therefore should be removed
from your system.

Before deleting ClipMate, you should review the contents of
the OVERVIEW screen in the on-line help. If you have put ClipMate through
a proper evaluation, then everything on that screen should be familiar to
you. If this is not the case, then you may want to spend some more time
evaluating ClipMate.

In the event that you wish to remove ClipMate from your system,
erase the \windows\clipmate.ini file, as well as all files in the
\clipmate directory (or wherever you put ClipMate), and the
\clipmate\data directory.
Then remove the ClipMate group from the Program Manager, as well
as the ClipMate Icon in your Startup group (if you put it there).

Please note that no changes were made to your WIN.INI, System.INI,
or any other Windows system files. There are no hidden files.

Bug Reports:
Please send any bug reports, along with a description of your
system (hardware and software) to CompuServ id: 70743,2546 or
Thornton Software Solutions
PO Box 26263
Rochester, NY 14626

Known Problems:
Norton Desktop for Windows users should upgrade to Norton Desktop
version 2.0.
Version 2.0 will work, if you make this change:
To make ClipMate (and most other programs compiled with a Borland
compiler) compatible with NDW v 2.0: make a change to the NDW.INI
file, which is found in the Windows directory.
In the [NHookSettings] section of NDW.INI, set Int21hHook=0.
Like this:
There is sometimes a problem in conveting a clipmate data file from
previous releases. If you run into a General Protection Fault when
converting an old file, you will need to delete, or rename the
file. If possible, send it to us, so that we can see what is
causing the problem.

Revision History:
v3.01 (07/26/94)
Major release - lots of new functionality.
- Application Profile replaces Filters
- Improved compatibility with WinWord 6, and WordPerfect 6.
- Elimination of "Zero-Length Data" error.
(ClipMate now accomodates apps that misbehave in this manner).
- Improved compatibility with OLE2 apps.
- Fancy Icon Title - shows current item.
- Sticky Icon
- Many small fixes and enhancements.
- Easier registration abroad, and through resellers like Egghead.

v2.09b (09/12/93)
v2.0 (07/13/93)
v1.15 (8/6/92)
v1.14 (3/07/92)
v1.01 (1/02/92)