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Multi-User licenses are an economical way to license
ClipMate for all of your users. It works on a
"pay as you go" basis, where you purchase the appropriate
size license to fit your needs. There is a penalty-free
upgrade to larger licenses later on, as you just pay the
difference between the cost of the new license and what
you may have already spent.

To make the multi-user license more affordable, we don't
provide disk/manual sets for every user. We provide two
disks, and two manuals, and allow you to make copies,
up to the number of copies that the license covers. In
the case of very large (100 or more) licenses, we can
provide the manual electronically, for you to incorporate
into your own training materials.

Price Structure for Multi-User Licenses:

Multi-User licenses ship with 2 disks, and 2 manuals.
Additional Disk/Manual Sets May Be Purchased For $2.00 Each.
All Prices US Dollars.

# of Users Unit Price Total Price
---------- ---------- -----------
5 23.00 115.00
10 20.00 200.00
20 18.00 360.00
50 17.00 850.00
100 15.00 1,500.00
200 13.00 2,600.00
300 10.00 3,000.00
500 8.00 4,000.00
1000 8.00 8,000.00

Note that you can tailor the license to your needs, by
multiplying the desired number of licenses by the unit
price of the next lowest price qualification.
ex: 60 users would have the same unit prices as 50 users,
so 60 users x 17.00 = $1020.

************ ORDER FORM FOR MULTI-USER LICENSES ***********
Item Quantity Unit Total
Price Price

ClipMate v2.0 ________ ________ ________

Manual/Disk Sets ________ $02.00 ________

TOTAL ________

Payment Method: Check( ) Visa ( ) Mastercard ( )

If Paying By Credit Card, Complete The Following:

Cardholder Name: _______________________

Visa/MasterCard # _______________________

Expiration Date __/__/__

Cardholder Signature:___________________________________

************* Shipping Information *************************





CompuServe, or other Email:

Diskette Size (3.5" is default):

Source Of Evaluation Copy:


VISA/Mastercard orders may be FAXED to us at (716) 227-1145
or sent by EMAIL to Compuserve id: 70743,2546 or
Internet 70743,[email protected]

Otherwise, include Check, Money Order, or Visa/MC information,
and mail to:

Thornton Software Solutions
PO Box 26263
Rochester, NY 14626

Make checks/money orders payable to Thornton Software Solutions

License Agreement (For Your Information - Read, and Discard):

This license gives the user the right to install and use multiple
copies of ClipMate for Windows.

Users of ClipMate must accept this disclaimer of warranty:
"ClipMate is supplied as is. The author disclaims all
warranties, expressed or implied, including, without
limitation, the warranties of merchantability and of
fitness for any purpose. The author assumes no liability
for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from
the use of ClipMate."

Service will be guaranteed for a period of at least 90 days
of the date of registration. Support will be provided by
phone, U.S. Mail, or by electronic mail in CompuServe.