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Do not run chkdsk with options from within windows, or
when you have shelled to dos from windows. It can trash
open files. This is a temporary fix until Microsoft fixes
either Windows 3.x or chkdsk.

1) Rename chkdsk.exe to chkdsk!.exe
2) Place the files chkdsk.bat and in your
c:\dos subdirectory.
3) Now if you try chkdsk /f with windows loaded, you will
get an error message, and will be returned to Windows
(or the dos shell you got to from within Windows).

Files included in this zip ( The small .com file that checks to see if
Windows is running. This file can be used in
other batch files to protect against other
DOS commands that may be dangerous to the
health of your computer while Windows is
iswin.deb The debug script used to create To
do it yourself, type debug chkdsk.bat The replacement for chkdsk
test.bat A test batch file to test before you
try chkdsk.bat
iswin.doc This file

This material appeared in InfoWorld v13n26 and v13n27,
July 1 and 8, 1991. It appeared in the "Window Manager"
column, by Brian Livingston. See these articles for a list
of the errorlevels returned by iswin. 0 means Windows is not
running, anything greater means Windows is running.

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July 18, 1991