Category : Windows 3.X Files
Archive   : BNG11.ZIP
Filename : VENDOR.TXT

Output of file : VENDOR.TXT contained in archive : BNG11.ZIP


This file contains Bob's Software's commercial distribution
policy. The same information appears in the file Vendor
Information section of the online help.

Shareware distributors and disk vendors are permitted to
redistribute this software subject to the conditions found in the
program's license agreement. It is requested that Shareware
distributors and disk vendors send a copy of the first catalog,
print or electronic, that this program is listed in to Bob's
Software. It is also requested that Shareware distributors and
disk vendors inform Bob's Software that they are distributing
this program so that they can receive other products and program

Rackware vendors are required to get written permission to
distribute this program.

Shareware distributors and disk vendors should stress the
Shareware concept.

The VENDINFO.DIZ file, which should be contained in the original
archive, is hereby incorporated by reference. Any distribution
satisfying all the distribution requirements expressed in that
data record is hereby authorized.

This policy may change at any time.

Please contact Bob's Software if you have any questions.

Bob Hayes
Bob's Software
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Gaithersburg, MD 20879

CompuServe: 71224,3202
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