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MGCá6.01 1Soft ProductshorneINE TERR.|SAN
”6.02 Description of Active LifeRR.|SAN >6.03 Description of 1 TeamNE TERR.|SAN - 6.04 Powerful Advanced SchedulerR.|SAN
®6.05 Evaluations ThorneINE TERR.|SAN 6.06 The Complete PackageINE TERR.|SAN!6.07 When You're Ready to BuyTERR.|SANe6.08 Where to Buy ThorneINE TERR.|SAN†6.09 How to RegisterorneINE TERR.|SANþ6.10 Distribution InformationTERR.|SANù"6.11 Trademarks and DisclaimerlaimerNÐ$6.12 Making BackupshorneINE TERR.|SAN&6.13 Free Newsletter and suggestionsNq'6.14 Send your comments and suggestions7(6.15 Committment to ExcellenceRR.|SANÿ¨)6.16 Cross Licensing/PortabilityR.|SANþò*6.17 Running on a Laptop or NotebookANý/26.18 Running from Floppies (no HD)|SANü%36.19 Changing from DOS to Windows.|SAN¯1Soft currently offers two High Achievement Systems:

Active Life 1.5 $149.00 U.S. (1 user)
1 Team 1.0 $295.00 U.S. (2 users)

Both Active Life and 1 Team come in versions for all three of today's most popular PC environments:

- Microsoft Windows
- OS/2 Presentation Manager

1 Team includes all the features of Active Life, with the addition of workgroup features. It is designed for multiple users. $295.00 is the price for a starter system that includes licenses for 2 users. Additional 1 Team users on the same LAN can be licensed for only $99.00. One licensed Active Life user can upgrade to 1 Team (adding a second user) for an additional cost of only 149.00.¦Active Life is a powerful system for planning, managing, and tracking one's active business and personal life. Dynamic schedules manage workflow effectively. All types of recurring activities need be entered just once. Active Life also includes a pop-up calendar, alarms, and week-at-a-glance. It generates printed schedules for use throughout the day.

With Active Life, you can plan time for everything you want to do!ë1 Team is a powerful system for planning, coordinating, and tracking the work-flow of an entire office. Staff members can use 1 Team's dynamic schedules to organize their work and significantly boost their levels of achievement. If the office has a LAN running, managers can balance the work-load of staff members, assign new items, prioritize work, as well as check task completion status without interrupting on-going work. 1 Team naturally automates the process of arranging meetings for group members, posting meeting notices to all attendee's schedules. Secretaries can post phone messages for calls to be returned, and monitor multiple schedules to know who is where when. There's no better time management system. 1Soft's revolutionary scheduling technology is built into every copy of 1 Team groupware. Plus the 1 Team Notebook lets users organize free form notes, graphics, and auto-dial customers and contacts from an indexed phone book.

1 Team streamlines work-flow and productivity soars!}1Soft High Achievement Systems use the most powerful scheduler available today. There are two major differences from other schedulers that demonstrate this power.

First. Users can enter floating items. All work that they're doing can be entered not merely on to-do lists, but actually into dynamic schedules. It takes no more time to enter items into schedules, because the scheduling is all done by the program, automatically. Schedules offer many advantages over to-do lists.

Second. Single instances of recurring items can be altered without losing their connection to the other instances. This is important in real life situations. For example, if a staff meeting is normally every Thursday, it may be moved to Tuesday during the week of Thanksgiving, and again in December if it falls on Christmas eve. Being able to make exceptions to recurring items is important flexibility. While some other programs allow changes to recurring items, others do not allow the instances to stay linked. If the instances are linked, it means you can make changes to all together, or even delete them as a group. If the meeting time is changed from 11:00am to 10:00am on a regular basis, other programs would require changing 52 entries one by one for the next year. With the 1Soft scheduler, you just make a single change to the template of the recurring item, and all the occurrences are changed to match. e1Soft gives users the opportunity to try out its products before buying a license for them. Purchasing a license to use the software and receiving a User ID is a process we call registering.

If you forget to register and are heavily using this software, a message will pop-up on the screen reminding you that use, beyond evaluation, requires registration. Another message will follow a couple days later. If the messages are ignored, a 30-day grace period will begin. At the end of the 30-days, if the program still has not been registered, warning messages become increasingly frequent. At all times, however, the program will continue to function fully, and the program takes no special action against offenders other than to display warning messages.

You are encouraged to use this program as much as necessary to see if it meets your needs. Only after extended, very active, day-to-day use will the 30-day grace period begin. There's no fixed evaluation term. You may not get your first reminder messages for several days, weeks, or even months. Should you ever need more time to evaluate the program than has been provided, and the data you've created is purely for evaluation purposes, you can delete your scheduling data file, causing everything to reset.

When you register, 1Soft will generate a personalized User ID for you. After you enter this User ID, the program will update your status to "Registered" and not display any further reminder or warning messages.

You may make copies of 1Soft programs Active Life and 1 Team, and give them to others to evaluate. Many people you know could benefit from using them.When you purchase Active Life or 1 Team, the complete package includes a User's Guide (over 100 pages) and program disks for all three environments: DOS, Windows, and OS/2 Presentation Manager. Two formats of disks are included: 5.25 360K and 3.5 720K diskettes.@When you're ready to buy, you have two choices. You can order directly from us, or from one of our dealers. A list of dealers is on the following page.

If you order directly from us, you use the program to generate an order form, and mail it to us with payment. We send you back a User ID and a complete package.

If you buy from a dealer, you contact the dealer, and purchase the package from them. Included in the package will be a registration certificate. You'll mail this registration certificate to us, with no additional payment, and we'll send you back a User ID.Beginning in 1991, Active Life 1.5 and 1 Team 1.0 will be available from many sources at discount prices:

Major computer mail order outlets in the U.S.

- PC Connection 800-243-8088
- PC Zone 800-258-8088
- MicroWarehouse 800-367-7080
- Dustin Software 800-274-6611
- Compuclassics 800-733-3888
- FastMicro 800-441-3278
- PC Brand 800-722-7263
- Telemart 800-622-6659
-GUI Clearinghse 800-522-4624

Stores to Visit:

- Soft Warehouse in Atlanta, Dallas, and many other cities
- Egghead - hundreds of locations in the U.S.tTo register, select the Options menu and choose Order a license. There are two selections, one pre-paid, and one not. Use pre-paid if you have a registration certificate, which is the case if you bought the software package through a dealer. You'll fill out the form, and there's a button to send the form to your printer. Complete instructions appear on the printed form.÷All Active Life and 1 Team files are (C)Copyright 1990, 1Soft Corporation. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. UNAUTHORIZED use is a VIOLATION of U.S. and INTERNATIONAL LAW.

You are authorized to make only exact copies of Active Life and 1 Team files to give to others for evaluation purposes. Modifying the original content in any way at any time is strictly prohibited. This also prohibits temporary modification while the binary data is in RAM. Archiving (compressing) distribution files is permitted only for efficient transmission and must not alter the original content.

Only individuals licensed by 1Soft Corporation are authorized to use Active Life or 1 Team files on a continuing basis. Continued active use without registration is prohibited. No other parties have been authorized to sell or grant licenses. Various shareware distributors have been authorized to sell disks containing Active Life (but not 1 Team). They are selling disks and a distribution service only. They are not selling Active Life licenses.Ó1Soft, Active Life, and 1 Team are trademarks or registered trademarks of 1Soft Corporation.

1Soft Corporation specifically disclaims any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. With respect to defects in its programs and supporting materials and service, in no event shall 1Soft Corporation be liable for any loss of profit or any other commercial damage, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other damages.GBacking your vital scheduling data is very important. We recommend making regular backups of you data files (*.PAK files) in case a file should get lost or damaged. We suggest you do this daily.

Also it's a good idea to make at least one backup copy of the program files in case something should happen to the original disk.R1Soft plans to publish a monthly newsletter beginning in 1991. It will be packed with time management tips, suggestions on how to get the most out of our products, and reviews of other time management systems.

Send us your name and address and we'll send you some free issues:

1Soft Corp.
Box 1320
Middletown, CA 95461ÂProduct questions and suggestions for enhancements are welcomed (and always considered). Please address your comments to:

1Soft Corporation
Product Comments
Box 1320
Middletown, CA 95461
m1Soft Corporation is committed to developing better and better generations of high achievement systems.

The chief designer (since 1982) of these products continues to lead the development team. He has plans and designs for many exciting enhancements over the next ten years.

As a registered user, you'll qualify for substantial discounts on product upgrades.FUsers who register are granted a cross-license for DOS, Windows and OS/2 versions automatically. No additional license is required to change operating environments. And you can move freely between environments, without having to make any schedule file conversions. The same .PAK data file format is used by all three versions.9You can run the DOS and Windows versions on a Laptop or Notebook computer. The main requirement is just that you have enough disk space. Because this product is so space efficient you will probably be fine if you know what files are essential.

If you have Windows, get it running on your portable, and then add the two application (*.exe) files, plus your "timedata.pak" or other ".pak" file. That's all you need.

If you are running the DOS version, you need a different set of files, but we've included two utilities to help you. Which one you use depends on what kind of diskette drive you have. If you have one 720K disk drive, use NOHD720.bat. If you have two 360K disk drives, use NOHD360.bat. These utilities simply copy the essential DOS version files to diskette(s) for you to use on your portable. You cannot install onto a machine with no hard drive, because of the amount of disk space required during installation to uncompress files. So use the installation you have on the hard drive base machine, and copy to diskettes for use in the portable.

The Program runs great on most laptop computers, provided you have enough disk space. Here are the minimum DISK space requirements for installing on a single drive:

During Installation During Use (excluding *.GUI Guide files )
----------------------------- ------------------
Windows: 500K 340K
DOS: 950K 720K (also exclude aux drivers)
OS/2: 360K 335K

A hard drive is NOT required to run under DOS or Windows. If you would like, you can use run from a dual floppy system. Just remember to include both your drives in setting the PATH variable in DOS so that the data files can be located by the program. For example: PATH=A:\;B:\

If you're running on OS/2, you will need a hard drive, simply because OS/2 itself requires nearly 10MB of disk space.òIf you want to run the DOS or Windows version on a PC that has no hard drive, it may be possible if you have enough diskette capacity. Follow the instructions on the previous page - Running on a Laptop or Notebook computer. They are the same.îIf you are using the DOS version of 1 Team or Active Life and want to switch to the Windows version, it is possible even before you get the complete package from us because the Windows version uses a subset of the DOS version files. Naturally you do need Microsoft Windows in order to run the Windows version.

1. Create a new directory, eg. ALWIN

2. Copy into ALWIN the following files from you existing DOS version directory:


3. Rename MSDOS.exe AL.exe (if you have Active Life).
Rename MSDOS.exe TEAM.exe (if you have 1 Team).

4. Start Windows and Run either AL.exe or TEAM.exe, depending on whether you have Active Life or 1 Team.

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