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Copyright (C) 1992 Terry Pietenpol
All Rights Reserved
Ver 3.0


To provide a clock with snooze alarm for Windows 3.1.


** Adjustable snooze alarm
** Stay on top feature
** Day or date display
** Sizable
** Multiple display fonts
** Displays time while iconized
** Selected options retained between Windows sessions

Included Files:

ACLK.EXE - A Clock program
ACLK.DOC - This document


Copy ACLK.EXE to your hard disk.


ACLK.EXE may be placed in your start-up group or started as any
other Windows program.

Considerations and Limitations:

ACLK.EXE requires VBRUN100.DLL (available on most BBS).


This program is released as freeware. Give it to your friends and
upload it to other bulletin boards if you find it useful.

If you really like the program a contribution of $5 would be

Terry Pietenpol
10747 El Tiburon St.
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Disclaimer Agreement:

Users of ACLK must accept this disclaimer of warranty: ACLK is
supplied "as is". The author disclaims all warranties, either

expressed or implied, including without limitation, the warranties
of merchantability and of fitness for any purpose. The author
assumes no liability for damages,direct or consequential, which may
result from the use of this program. If, for any reason, the user
does not agree with this, then the software program referred to by
the author as ACLK will not be used.

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Archive   : ACLK30.ZIP
Filename : ACLK.DOC

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