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Notes on Abulafia 1.1

Abulafia is a Windows 3.0 program designed for keeping a diary. It has many
features, including;

- Multiple topics (documents) per day
- Secure password encryption
- Week display window

as well as the natural benefits inherent in it being a Windows application.
The name Abulafia, in case you are wondering, is taken from Umberto Eco's book,
"Foucault's Pendulum".
Further documentation can be found in the online help file provided.


ABUDUMP is a DOS utility for listing Abulafia files as text. The usage is:

ABUDUMP filename [password]

where filename is the name of the file to be listed and [password] is an
optional password. (The password must be present if the file is locked.)
ABUDUMP can be filtered or redirected to a file or printer.


Abulafia was created with Turbo Pascal for Windows. The file ABU.DLL is a
modified version of the BITBTN library supplied with Turbo Pascal and is used
in accordance with the licencing agreement. This file may not be distributed
apart from Abulafia.

Abulafia is in the public domain. It may be freely distributed, as long as it
is not modified and no fee (excepting a reasonable charge for media and
handling) is charged.

Andrew Bulhak 15-1-1992 17:58:06