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Welcome to the Windows Resource Kit, which is designed for people who
are, or who want to become, expert users of Microsoft Windows 3.1.

We prepared the Windows Resource Kit in response to your requests for a
detailed, easy-to-read technical view of Windows, so that you can better
manage how Windows is used at your site. The Windows Resource Kit also
contains specific information for system administrators who are
responsible for installing and managing Windows in a network or
multiuser environment.

The files located here on the Microsoft Download service are provided
in Microsoft Word for Windows 2.0 format in order to preserve the orginal
complex formatting. In order to access these files, you must have Microsoft
Word for Windows 2.0, or a word processor that will import Microsoft Word
for Windows 2.0 files. Please note, all files, text, and programs contained
in the Windows Resource Kit, are protected by the license agreement in the

If you wish to order the Windows Resource Kit, call (800)-642-7676.