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º Z I P T O O L º
º Version 2.80 º
º (October 28, 1993) º
º Written by Russell Pool º
º 106 Holly St º
º Rome, Ga 30161-6930 º
Purpose: 1. To break down ZIP files into smaller ZIP files leaving
the data in ZIP format without UNZIPPING the files.

2. Combine the numerous ZIP files back together as one
ZIPfile without UNZIPPING.

3. Selectivly view any file within the ZIPfile without
UNZIPPING all the other files.

4. Copy tagged or untagged files out of a selected ZIPfile
to another ZIPFile without unzipping.

5. Deletion of tagged or untagged files within a ZIPfile.

6. Move files tagged or untagged from within a ZIPfile to
another ZIPfile without unzipping.

7. Extract tagged or untagged files withing a ZIPfile.
º Command Line Format: ZIPTOOL º
List ALL Command line options and Environment
parameters that ZiPtool uses. Quick Reference

This will allow you to register ZIPTOOL. It will
ask for your Name, Address, City State and ZIP, then
it will ask for your registration number. If your
registration number doesnt match the information you
sent to me, then ZIPTOOL will not install the registration

This will allow you to remove your registration information
from Ziptool if you want to give it to a friend. Please note
that it is ILLEGAL to distribute REGISTERED copies of ZIPTOOL.

This option will install a CUSTOM Editor that you have
in your path. All you have to do is tell it the filename
(IE:LIST.COM) and Ziptool will attach your editor to itself
and run it when you view files within ZIPTOOL. The only
requirements is the editor must be able to view binary files
and to accept filenames to view on the DOS command line.

This option will remove the Custom installed Editor if
one was installed. Very helpful in installing a new editor
or returning ZIPTOOL to the orginal editor.

This option will allow you to view the registration of
ZipTool. This is quite handy for upgrading your old
version of ZipTool and installing your registration
information into.

º ZipTool now supports environment parameters. º
º Turns MOUSE off. To set Environment Parameter, º
º type SET ZTMOUSE=OFF at the DOS Prompt. To º
º remove parameter, type SET ZTMOUSE= º

ZIPTOOL Switches:
/M = Turn off Mouse support (If available)

/NC = No Color Mode - For Monochrome. ZIPTOOL
should autodetect if you have a MONO

/CO = Force Color Mode - Helpful if ZIPTOOL
has a problem detecting you monitor

/DEBUG = For Debuging ZipTool. For Author use.
Great for finding memory allocation problems
that ZipTool sometimes has.

Once ZIPTOOL is loaded, F1 help is availble at almost every

º <<< WARNING >>> º
º configuration and registration information to itself. If it is º
º PKLITED, then Ziptool will be unable to find the places within º
º itself to write the information. º

º Ziptool is designed to run under a Pure DOS environment. It was º
º not designed to run under OS/2, a DOS window under MicroSoft º
º Windows, or under DeskQView. If you have problems with Ziptool, º
º do your testing under MS-DOS. Use at least version 3.3, and if you º
º have it, use MS-DOS v5.0 or v6.0 if possible. º

º **** NOTE **** º
º Subdirectories are displayed with a Down Arrow in of º
º the directory name and the previous path is an UP Arrow º
º symbol. Press enter (When Selection Bar is on Directory Name) º
º to change subdirectories º
Keys to remember:
F1 Help (Globally)
F2 From file selection menu, Split selected ZIPfile
F3 From file selection menu, Merge selected ZIPfiles
F4 From file selection menu, Change to another Hard Drive.
F10 Registration Menus
Install Registration (After you have recieved
your registration number by mailing $10.00
to the Author.)
Print a Registration Form (To LPT1: ONLY)
List BBS that carry Current Versions of ZipTool

Enter From file selection menu, View indivudial files in
the ZIPfile.

Enter From the Viewing menu, Unzip and View the selected
file. Handy for viewing DOC files.

ESC Back out of any menu or Screen.
If at file selection menu, then ESC terminates

Arrow Keys Move the selection bar up or down
º Registering ZIPTOOL: º
º If you want to register ZIPTOOL, then send $10.00 to: º
º º
º Russell Pool º
º 106 Holly St º
º Rome, Ga 30161 º
º º
º Please make sure to enclose the following: º
º º
º Your Name º
º Your Address º
º Your City, State and ZIPcode º
º Daytime Phone Number (If you wish me to call you) º
º º
º These are used in the generation of a registration number. º
º Why do I want to register ZIPTOOL: º
º º
º There is only one reason for registering ZIPTOOL. The º
º unregistered copy of ZIPTOOL will only split,merge º
º copy or delete ZIP files that have less than 20 files º
º in the ZIPfile. If you try to process a file with more º
º than 20, it will refuse to process it. However you can º
º still use the VIEW portion. º
º Please send comments and suggestions for this program º
º to Russell Pool. Russell may be reached through his BBS º
º (The Pool Hall - 404/235/7235 (300/1200/2400 baud) or º
º through Compuserve (ID: 76276,36). º
º Please send ANY suggestions you might have. If possible º
º I will try to incorporate them in. I would like ZIPTOOL º
º to be the BEST ZIP management tool around. º
º Error Codes and Possible Meanings º
º º
º If you get and error with ZipTool, In order for me to find the problem º
ºand fix it, I need the following information. If I dont get this information,º
ºI have NO WAY of finding the bug. º
º º
º 1. - I need the Error Code that ZipTool caused. This tells me what º
º error occured and what to look for. º
º º
º 2. - Version Number. I keep last 3 versions of ZipTool available at º
º all times to fix bugs. If I find a bug in a older version, I check º
º the most recent version for the bug and fix it if is there. º
º º
º 3. - Program Counter. Version number and Program Counter are the MOST º
º valuable pieces of information you can give. By going to the version,º
º and giving my compiler the Program Counter, the compiler will take º
º me DIRECTLY to the statement that caused the error and it speeds º
º debugging. Since the program counters are different for each version,º
º I need the version you are having problems with so the program º
º counter will match the source code. º
º º
º 4. - I need to know what you were trying to do when it caused the error. º
º An example would be Splitting, Merging, Copying a file or Exiting º
º ZipTool. It allows me to trace down the problem better. º

History of Modifications
Date | Description
4/5/91 | View files within the ZIP file
(V1.10) | (PC magazines BROWSE.COM is included in this Program)
| Added Pause for Diskette Swapping in ZIPPACK
| Let ZIPPACK create files that are as big as the freespace
| left on the floppy drive
| Fixed Path problems in ZIPPACK
| Temporary files in ZIPPACK are stored on Both Destination
| and Default drive
| Added ability to turn off mouse with /M Parameter
| ZipMerge now makes the file in the Current Directory
4/17/91 | Stored the Browse Program as 1 string instead of data
v1.2 | statements, thus it Browses it out faster.
| Fixed problems with finding the END of the ZIPfile.
| This problem usually happened with ZIPfiles less than
| 500 bytes in length. Solved.
| Added display to reading Subdirectories and Files
4/18/91 | Added ability to change drive. Only Hard Drives.
V1.21 | The reason floppies were not added was you would never
| split or merge files on floppies. Floppies are too slow
| and most of the users of Ziptool have at least a 20mb
| Hard Drive. If you really wanted to split or merge ZIP
| files on a floppy, then you could start Ziptool on the
| floppy drive.
5/01/91 | Added more list options to viewing of Zipfile.
v1.30 | Press TAB to cycle through.
| Button 1 on Mouse while viewing now Unzips and views
| selected file (Enter also Views)
| Button 2 is for Tagging (Though not in use, it will be
| used in future versions. Spacebar also Taggs)
| Help screen on Viewing ZIPfile has been modified
05/03/91 | Fixed a problem when exiting VIEW ZIPFILE and selecting
V1.31 | another file, then ZIPFILE was not closed off before
| opening another file. Added a CLOSE to the exiting
| part of the VIEW ZIPFILE routine.
| Added "Total Files" to VIEW Zipfile for More Information
| Fixed Path error when viewing Files within ZIPfiles
| that contained paths.
05/06/91 | Fixed an error with returning back to previous path
v1.40 | when viewing a file within a ZIP File. Bug only happened
| if you started ZIPTOOL from the Root Directory.
| Added some MONOCHROME support in request to a
| Registered User s Request.
| Ziptool should AutoDetect if you have MONOCHROME, but
| if it doesnt, you should be able to use a /NC parameter
| to force NO COLOR mode.
5/7/91 | Fixed very minor Mouse problem when viewing file
v1.405 | Mouse was resetting to off screen. Fixed. Now it is
| resetting to Column 1, Row 1 (Upper Left of Screen)
5/10/91 | Fixed a problem with Autodetect of COLOR or Monochrome
v 1.5 | display. You can override the selection with the
| command line switch /NC for NO COLOR or /CO for Color
| Added the ability for the user to select the size
| of the output ZIP file if the user wanted something
| other than the standard 360kb, 720kb, 1.2meg or 1.44meg
| sizes.
| Redid routine for finding end of ZipFile. Much Faster
V1.55 | Not released.
V1.60 | Added Copy File(s) within Zipfile to another ZipFile
6/05/91 | Added Delete files within ZipFile
V1.61 | Cosmetic fixes
6/26/91 |
| Fixed problem in estimating # of parts while Splitting
| (Could cause an Error 9)
V1.62 | Fixed an Error 76 in Copying Routines
07/01/91 |
V1.63 | Added Version Number to Error Code.
7/4/91 |
V1.64 | Fixed a bug that would cause a lockup with some Zipfiles
7/22/91 | (Reading End of Zipfile)
V1.70 | Added ability to Add a User-Installed Ascii Viewer
7/23/91 | (ZIPTOOL EDITOR)
| Added Ability to remove the Installed-Ascii Viewer
| Added Ability to UNREGISTER Ziptool
V1.71 | Fixed a bug with Registering ZipTool.
8/29/91 |
V1.72 | Added the ability to view Registration of ZipTool
V1.73 | Fixed an error (I hope) with the file display menu
09/11/91 | when viewing a large file (68megs or so).
| Redid the Search for EOF of Zipfile in ZIPMERGE routine.
V1.74 | Added "OUT OF MEMORY" Error
9/14/91 | Added ability to quickly go to selected file by pressing
| first letter or number of filename
V1.80 | ZipFile Names are now Sorted alphabetically
9/20/91 |
| Cosmetic changes (Windowing routines employed)
| Deletion of Zipfile with Confirmation
| Added Compression Totals while Viewing Zipfile
| Display File Attributes while Viewing ZipFile
| Added Error Checking for trying to Unzip and viewing
| files within a Zipfile that have 1 or more of the
| following attributes: Read Only, System, Hidden,
| or Volume Label
| I wish to thank ED GUZIS (Compuserve 76304,3137)
| for all of his suggestions. All but one of his
| were implemented in this version. On of his suggestions
| was not implemented because PKZIP didnt support the
| feature, and ZipTool cant if PKZIP doesnt.
v1.81 | Increased the number of Zipfiles in a directory maximum
9/23/91 | from 200 to 400 files.
v2.00 | Added ability to turn off sorting (*)
10/21/91 | Added percent sorted to sorting window
| Added ability to turn off advertising comments (*)
| Added ability to insert own Comments (*)
| Fixed problem with viewing files with Read-Only, System
| and/or Hidden Attribute
| Moved main functions to a single window for
| future addition of commands
| (*) Valid for Registered versions ONLY
| Added mouse functions to VIEW ZIPFILE (Click on Words
| such as etc)
| Added F6 - Move Zipfile from one directory to another.
| NOTE *** This feature will only move the file if BOTH
| of the following conditions are true:
| 1. The file cannot exist in the destination directory.
| 2. The destination path MUST exist and be valid.
| 3. Destination must be on the same PHYSICAL source drive.
| (Cannot move between PHYSICAL drives, but can
| move between Logical Drives. IE: SUBST'ed Drive)
11/26/91 | Added ability to turn off MOUSE via Environment Parameter
| Fixed Mouse functions so that Arrow Keys affect the Mouse
| Prevented bombout when viewing a Zipfile with more than
| 200 files. Still can view ZIPfile, but only 200 files
| will show up.
| Fixed problem with freeing up unused Memory
| (Enhanced Stability of ZiPTool)
| Added Viewing Support to READ-ONLY ZipFiles
| Added Registration Form to Menu
| Added ability to Register ZiPTool from Menus
| Redid the BYTESEARCH Algorithm to find EOF of ZipFile and
| Installations/Registrations. Much more Accurate than
| before.
| Added "Where to Get ZipTool under Registration Options
| Changed Zipfile Advertisement to reflect Pool Hall BBS
| changes (Purchase of US Robotics Dual Standard Modem)
4/1/92 - 4/2/92 |Fixed Bug with not closing off ZipFile if it didnt find
v2.20 & v2.20a |the EOF of the ZiPfile on the first Pass. (Ziptool will
| attempt to find the EOF of the ZiPfile 10 times)
| Fixed a problem (I Hope) with reporting freespace
| for Large Hard Drives (>1 GIG).
6/12/92 | Added Compression Version to VIEW ZIPFILE Screens
v2.30 |----------------------------------------------------------
| Added New Compression Types For V2.0 (Actually v1.93a)
| Added HELP option: ZIPTOOL HELP
| Displays All ZipTool Options
| You can now press a letter, and ZipTool will take you the
| filename that starts with that letter. Press it again, and
| ZipTool will take you to the NEXT file that starts with that
| letter.
| Now, After viewing a ZipFile (Pressing Enter on the
| Zipfile name, Ziptool will return you to the Filename
| instead of going back to the top of the file list. I cant
| do it after merging or while Splitting because of memory
| constraints and the number of variables used in Splitting.
| If viewing a ZipFile, Ziptool now detects if the ZIP file
| uses authentic testing. If detected, Ziptool will warn you
| about modifying or altering the ZIP.
6/24/92 | Fixed minor functionallity problems
2.31 | Fixed a bug with registration installation.
8/24/92 | Spelling Fixes
2.40 | Splitting Routine had ability to create a file that
| DOS would not identify. Fixed (Hopefully).
| When Ziptool viewes a file within a ZIP, it creates a temp
| directory called ZTW#. If ZipTool crashes and leaves that
| temporary directory, ZipTool will crash again because It
| it tried to create the directory again. Fixed (Hopefully).
|Fixed Authentication Testing
|Fixed problem with finding PKUNZIP for UNZIPPING to View
9/10/92 | If you try to view a file within a ZIP file that begins
2.50 | with a "-" such as "-README.1ST", Ziptool v2.40 and earlier
| would have trouble unzipping the file. Fixed problem
| Added MOVE function while viewing ZIP file
| Added Extract function while viewing ZIP
| When Tagging files (While Viewing), Shows Total files,
| total uncompressed bytes, and total compressed Bytes
| When a file is tagged, the selection bar automatically
| drops down to the next line
| I wish to acknowledge David Vales for most of the
| additions for this version.
11/4/92 | On Novell Networks, the Parent directory (..) isnt available
V2.51 | in any of the subdirectory listings. This was manually added
| into the file list that Ziptool reads. This will prevent
| an error 75 or error 76.
6/28/93 | Made modifications to handle PKZIP v2.40c - v2.40g
V2.60 | IF you have a problem with ZIPTOOL unzipping a file to
| view, then type SET DPMI=DISABLE at the DOS prompt.
| ReWrote the Move Command - Caused Errors
| Added a Marquee for advertisements
| Added AUTOINSTALL of registration information. It
| extracts registration info from a previous version
| of Ziptool (Searches path, then entire current hard drive
| for ZIPTOOL.EXE ). Will only work on the FIRST time Ziptool
| runs.
| Modified registration form. Added notes that I dont take
| credit cards... only Cash, Checks (Domestic) or Money Orders.
8/31/93 | Added AutoInstall to the Menus
V2.70 |
| Added View Registration Info to Menus
| Fixed "View ZIPFILE" so that you can view Zipfiles
| of any size. Writes a temporary file to your current
| drive. You can "Theoritically" view any size ZIPFILE
| as long as you have the hard drive space (278 bytes
| for each file in the ZipFile)
| (278 * ) = Bytes for Temp File
| Changed the "ZIPFILE" MOVE command to Move/Copy..
| Previously, it was COPYING.. not moving.. Added an
| optional DELETE feature to the MOVE command
10/5/93 | In re-doing the VIEW Zipfile routine, I inadvertly created
V2.71 | some errors in the MOVE/DELETE routines. Thanks to
| William Smock, I found the errors, and corrected them.
10/28/93 | Finally created a 26meg ZIP file, and found Ziptool
v2.80 | had a MAJOR problem handling it. Re-Declared the
| byte location pointers to LONG INTEGER instead of
| SHORT INTEGER. Now Ziptool will handle Zipfiles up to
| 2.1 GIG in size.

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