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FUNCTION: ZIPDEL is used to (1) clean up a directory by deleting the files
that came out of archive (.ZIP) files, OR (2) clean up an ZIP
file by deleting files in the ZIP file that exist in a

USAGE: ZIPDEL [zip_file_template]{.ZIP} {options}


arc_file_template -- Archive file name, may be simple
filename, full pathname, or template
with wildcards.

This argument is required. If it is not
supplied, ARCDEL types out a help screen
and quits.

The default extension .ZIP is supplied
if no extension is given.

The full pathname may include drive
specifier such as "A:".

options -- Options must be listed singly and each
one must be prefixed by the slash ("/")
character AND spaced apart.

In other words, /V /D is ok, /V/D is

OPTIONS: V : Verify deletion by asking (yes/no) before deleting each
file. You must type 'Y' to delete the file or 'N' to not
delete it.
F : Force delete on matching filename even if there is a
mismatch in creation date, time or file size.
T : Test -- no deletions at all, just report what would be
deleted. This can be used if you want to experiment
without actually deleting any files. It lets you see what
will happen when you run ARCDEL without the /T switch.

The options can be used in any combination.


Thanks to John Land for his ARCDEL version of this program.
Thanks to Phil Burn for his PibCat source showing how to access ZIP.

Send all comments, bugs, etc. to:

Ted Stephens Home Phone (614)-895-7832
7067 SpringHouse Ln. Work Phone (614)-299-1441
Columbus, OH 43229

CIS 76515,3433



This program is hereby released to the Public Domain. The only thing
I ask is that you leave the copyright notice alone, and that you give
this Doc file to anyone you give the main program file to. This utility
is written in Turbo Pascal 5.0 and Turbo Professional Tools. Full
source code is included.


1.0 Thu 03-16-1989 First Release

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Archive   : ZIPDEL.ZIP
Filename : ZIPDEL.DOC

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