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Revision 3.40.1

Copyright (c) 1989-1992, FM de Monasterio
Licensed Material - All rights reserved

* Version 2.0 zeroes a word in the wrong memory segment. This bug seems not
to have any noticeable effect, especially during installation of the driver.

* With the 0-kbyte collapsed disk, use of the CHKDSK.EXE utility from Golden
Bow System produces errors whose severity depends upon the CHKDSK version in
use: For that of the package of VOPT version 2.20 (19,491 bytes), the first
execution yields a critical error message but a subsequent execution crashes
the cpu, whereas for that of the package of version 2.01 (17,416 bytes), the
repeated execution produces alternating critical error and FAT reading error

(The problem is not encountered when using the CHKDSK utility of DOS version
2.10 through 3.31, either in the original COM format or when a multi-segment
version [DOS ò 3.00] has been converted into a EXE type file.)

* An error in versions 2.00 and 2.10 produced an incorrect identification of
the DOS version for versions 3.00 through 3.09 and 4.00-4.01.

* Older versions of some LIM3.x-Expanded Memory Managers used a lot of stack
space during implementation of some EMS functions, overflowing the available
DOS stack. XDISK.SYS versions 2.40+ now add their own stack both during the
driver initialization and normal operation.

* Version 2.40 (086+) of XDISK.SYS pushed the SP register directly in a CPU-
dependent manner, and the code did not work in the same way in all computers
(this affected CRC calculations in some machines). Switch /S missing in BBS

* Version 2.41 of XDISK.SYS did not implement properly the error exit during
installation when using older DOS versions, and the 286+ version crashed the
system when executed in 8086/8088 machines.

* Version 2.42 of XDISK.SYS did not implement properly the error exit during
installation when an EMS error was found (resulting in a number of displays,
and erroneous EMS error code translation). Switch /S inactive in registered
copies, producing a fixed sector size of 256 bytes.

* Version 2.51 of XDISK.EXE and XDISK.SYS failed to implement switch /A, /P,
/R, or /V, when XDISK.SYS was loaded in high memory via a UMB-loader utility
of some 386-type memory managers. Version 2.52 fixes this problem.

* Changes in undocumented data structures of MS-DOS 5.0 can result in memory
allocation problems when attempting to load XDISK 3.10 from the DOS command-
line. (These changes affect the loading of all block device drivers at least
with the procedures used in xDISK.) The problem is expected to be solved in
a future release of xDISK; version 3.20 only implements command-line loading
for DOS versions 2 through 4.

* A bug affecting a small part of the Status/Help display when mouse support
is enabled in version 3.20 (unregistered copies only) has been fixed.

* Bugs in XDISK.EXE and XDISK.SYS, modifying memory contents outside program
bounds respectively upon termination of unloading a driver or prior to a UMB
loading of the driver under MS-DOS 5, have been corrected in version 3.31.

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Archive   : XDISK340.ZIP
Filename : XDISK.DDT

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