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VIP ver. 6.4 Help / Mini-Documentation ** Use PgDn / PgUp ** Page 1

The required files for operation of VIP.EXE are:
PKZIP.EXE & PKUNZIP.EXE [ from PKZ110 or newer ]
LIST.COM [ from LIST76B.ZIP or newer ]
SORT.EXE [ from DOS ]
EDIT.EXE [ from DOS. (registered versions only)
SCAN.EXE (McAfee) or your defined scanning program.

These files should be in your search path. (Read VIP.DOC)
After invoking VIP, select the desired Zip File with the key-pad keys.
Select the LIST option with the key-pad keys to view the file's contents.
The zip's internal directory will be displayed. To view one of the files
from within the Zip, highlight the desired file using the up/dn keys.
Then select the view option and press Enter.

To extract files, tag the desired files by pressing the space-bar. You can
press T to TAG all files or U to UNTAG all files. After the desired files
are tagged, highlight the EXTRACT option and press enter.
You will be prompted for an extraction path. This is the path where the
extracted files will be placed. It's best to Specify the FULL Dos path.
If no files are tagged, then the highlighted file will be extracted.
VIP ver. 6.4a Help / Mini-Documentation ** Use PgDn / PgUp ** Page 2

This version works best with PKZ204G or newer & Dos 5+ Additional code has
been added to accommodate PKZ110 and other versions of dos but has NOT been
tested on other types of dos or operating systems.

Vip requires at least one of the following to operate properly:
You must have (PKZIP ver 2.04 or newer) OR (Dos 5.0 or newer).
If at least one of these requirements are not met, VIP will NOT work.

This option is used to log in .EXE files that are self extracting Zip files.
There is no simple method to test each EXE file to determine if it is a self-
extracting Zip file. While attempting to VIEW the contents of an .EXE file,
if it is NOT a self-extracting Zip, then a message will appear from PKZIP
complaining that the file 'HAS ERRORS, USE PKZIPFIX. '
PkZip can't tell if it is a Zip file with errors, or just an EXE file.

Normally you can ignore this error message unless you know for sure that it
is a self-extracting Zip file.
If the Directory path is included in the zip file, it will be displayed while
viewing the contents of the zip on line 24 with the file name.

VIP ver. 6.4a Help / Mini-Documentation ** Use PgDn / PgUp ** Page 3

When extracting a file, if the extraction path is not specified, it will
extract it to the default directory. The default directory is the directory
that you were in when you invoked VIP. If you shelled, and changed to a new
drive or directory, then this becomes the default path.

Using the PATH option will enable you to change to a different drive and / or
directory. This becomes the default directory. If the path does not exist, a
message will appear. To Re-Log the current path, enter a period as the path.

To DELETE a file from within the zip tag the desired files with the space-bar.
You will be warned that files are about to be deleted. Once the files are
deleted, they cannot be un-deleted. Only tagged files will be deleted.

When you SHELL to dos, upon returning, VIP looks to see if you have changed
drives or directory. If the path has changed, it will automatically re-log
the new directory. Remember, while shelling, VIP is still in memory and the
remaining memory is reduced for your shelled application.

Vip uses PkZip & PkUnzip and can't become obsolete because of a newer type of
compression. When you get a newer version of PkZip, VIP will automatically be
up to date with the latest [and best] method of compression and extraction.
VIP ver. 6.4a Help / Mini-Documentation ** Use PgDn / PgUp ** Page 4

Restoring / Creating a directory structure stored in the .ZIP file.
Directories stored within the .ZIP file can be ignored or restored at the time
extraction. If you select NOT to restore the directories, extraction will be
all the selected files to a SINGLE selected path.

When restoring directories during extraction, you should specify the drive and
parent directory for this extraction. If not specified, extraction will be to
the current drive & directory. If the sub-directories do not exist, they will
be created. The Parent directory will then be the existing directory. If the
current directory is the ROOT directory, then the directories created will be
a sub-directory of the root. Normally a parent directory is selected and the
stored directories will be created and extracted to the parent directory.

A Zip file created using the -& command, spanning multiple disks, has it's Zip
directory located in the LAST disk. Vip will only detect the First disk being
this type of ZipFile. An attempt to view a 2nd, 3rd etc. disk of the set will
fail. These disks do not have a zip directory and the view Zip will fail.
To extract or view files, place the LAST disk into the drive. You may then
View/Extract these files in the usual manner. PkZip may request you to change
to a different disk. Press Escape to cancel the operation.

VIP ver. 6.4a Help / Mini-Documentation ** Use PgDn / PgUp ** Page 5

Difficulty accessing drive A: or B:
When selecting drive A: or B:, Vip looks to see if the drive is valid and if a
diskette is present. If the diskette is write protected, an error message may
appear. A message also appears if the disk is not readable, or the wrong type
of media / format on that disk.

Work Drive: ALT-W ( Default is drive C: )
To define an alternate work-drive for PkZip to use while Viewing or Editing.
Press Alt-W from either screen. Enter a valid drive letter or space for none.
The work drive should be set before viewing or editing a file.

Editor name: ALT-E
Temporarily Assign an editor for editing text files by pressing Alt-E
Make sure the editor is in a dos search path.

Security password: ALT-P
If the PkZip skips files because of password protection, you may extract it
by selecting the file and pressing Alt-P instead of the Enter key.
This will toggle the -s switch for that extraction only. PkZip will then ask
for the password.

VIP ver. 6.4a Help / Mini-Documentation ** Use PgDn / PgUp ** Page 6

Editing text files within the zip: ( Available to registered versions only)
Select the file to be edited by highlighting it. Select the Edit function and
press Enter. Vip will extract the file to a temporary directory and invoke
the default editor. The default editor is EDIT from QBASIC.EXE, because it is
part of DOS 5. QBASIC.EXE must be present in the search path for EDIT to work.
You may specify your favorite editor by pressing ALT-E from any screen.
The editor must be smart enough to receive passed parameters. Trying to edit
binary files or non-ascii files with a text editor will destroy the file.
If your editor is a memory HOG, an OUT OF MEMORY error may occur. If you have
difficulty editing a file, this may be the reason. The error message may not
remain on the screen long enough to read it. For larger files, extract the
file and edit it directly without VIP. Then add it back to the Zip file.
SET: You may add a SET command in your Autoexec.bat to specify where VIP.EXE
and VIPHELP is located. Also define the workdrive and a shell command.
Set command Examples:
SET VIPHELP=C:\UTILITYS (Assuming C:\UTILITYS is the path)
SET VIPWORK=E: (Pre-sets the work drive)
SET VIPKEY=C:\DOS\DEBUG (User definable command shell)
SET VSAVER=30 (sets # of seconds for screen saver if registered)
SET VSCAN=C:\SCAN\SCAN.BAT (Sets path & name of scanning utility)
VIP ver. 6.4a Help ** Use PgDn / PgUp ** Page 7

Configuration screen: Press Alt-1 to enter the configure screen. From here
You may change the Default Editor that VIP uses when editing a text file.

The ALT-E option temporarily over-rides this setting and is not saved.

The Configuration screen is where you enter the Registration information you
received when you registered VIP. This part is CASE SENSITIVE and must be
entered exactly.

You are encouraged to register VIP if you intend to continue using it.
The Registration cost is only $10, US currency.

The author assumes no liability for the use of this program and the user is
solely responsible for any loss or damage to files as a result of using VIP.
The use of VIP constitutes an agreement to these terms.

The following screen is the registration form.
To print it while using LIST, align the form on the screen and press P.
When finished printing, press P again to turn off the print function.

Send $10. US currency & Stamped-Addressed Envelope

Your name _________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________

City, State, Zip ________________________________________

Phone number ____ _____________________ (optional)

(case sensitive)
Enter Registration name: ________________________________
(24 chars max)
Mail to:
5201 ASH

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