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VerBack Documentation Public Domain Version


VerBack is a utility program which verifies that the DOS Backup command
functions properly. It is known that the Backup command does not
function properly in some DOS versions, and undetected I/O errors may
occur when writting to floppy disks. For these reasons ALL backups
should be verified to insure that no data is lost when the files are

VerBack verifies that:

o All hard disk files are backed up on the floppies

o The data in all hard disk files is readable

o The data in all backup files is readable

o The data in the backup files exactly matches the data stored on
the hard disk

o All special files used by the Backup and Restore commands are
present on the backup floppies


This is the Public Domain version of VerBack. It is available for
personal, non-commercial use free of charge. An enhanced version of
VerBack is also available under the ShareWare concept. The ShareWare
version includes the following additional features:

o Sophisticated screen display including windows and color

o Program actions can be tailored using command line parameters

o Ability to verify a single file, single directory,
or selected directories

o Program results may be reviewed on a file-by-file basis

o Program results may be directed to a printer or disk file

o An installation procedure which allows the program to be
configured to your liking

The enhanced version may be obtained by sending your name, address and a
ShareWare contribution of twenty dollars to:

TDS Software
49 Townsend Drive
Florham Park, N.J. 07932

You will receive a diskette containing the latest version of VerBack and
a printed manual by return mail. You will also be insuring the continued
support and improvement of this program.

TDS Software January 11, 1987 Page 1

VerBack Documentation Public Domain Version

Running VerBack

To run VerBack simply type VERBACK on the DOS command line (you can
cancel at any time by typing Contrl-C). The program will sign on with
the message

VerBack V1.3PD- Verify DOS Backup

You will then be asked to supply the drive letter for your hard disk and
floppy disk. You will see these two questions:

Drive for Hard Disk [C:]?

Drive for Floppy Disk [A:]?

In most computers the hard disk is drive C and the floppy is drive A.
VerBack shows these values in brackets and you can just press RETURN if
they are correct. If the drive letters are different on your computer
enter the correct drive letter (VerBack will add the colon if you

You will then see the message

Reading Hard Disk Directory...

while VerBack makes a list of the names of all files on your hard disk.
This list is used to determine if any file is missing from the backup.
The actual verification process begins after the hard disk directory has

You will be asked to place each backup disk in the diskette drive. When
VerBack is ready to process the next backup disk the message

Mount backup disk #NN in drive X:, Press RETURN when ready

will appear on the screen. Place the the requested disk in the diskette
drive and then press RETURN. VerBack will check to make sure that the
proper disk is being used. If the disk is the wrong sequence number or
is not a disk created by the Backup command you will see an explanatory
message and will have an opportunity to mount the correct disk.

The name of each file will be displayed as it is being processed. If
VerBack detects any problems a message describing the problem will be
shown. The message applies to the file on the line above. For example,
the messages

*** Data in files does not match ***

show that the two files IBMBIO.COM and IBMDOS.COM have been verified
(because no message follows them) and that a problem has been found with
the COMMAND.COM file. The data in the file on the hard disk is different
than the data in the backup file. This means that the backup set does

TDS Software January 11, 1987 Page 2

VerBack Documentation Public Domain Version

not correspond to this hard disk or that an I/O error occured during the
Backup command. In either case the file would not be Restored properly
and another Backup should be taken (and verfied).

After all floppies have been processed VerBack will show any files on the
hard disk which did not appear on the backup floppies. For example, the

Files omitted from backup:


shows that the SALES.MEM file exists on the hard disk but not on the
backup. This file would not be Restored and would be lost if the hard
disk were erased or damaged.

If there were any other problems the following additional messages will
be shown:

There were NNN files on floppy disk missing from hard disk.

There were NNN files on floppy disk which could not be processed.

Files with data mismatch: NNN
Files with I/O errors: NNN
Files partially backed up: NNN

If any of the above messages appear then the backup is not accurate. You
will see the message

*** Backup Contains Errors ***

which indicates that the backup is not valid and should be repeated.

Finally, a summary of the program activity will be shown. If all has
gone well the following information will be shown:

Files on hard disk: 824
Files successfully backed up: 824

--- Backup Verified ---

This indicates that all files on the hard disk have been backed up and
the floppies contain an exact duplicate of the hard disk. You can be
sure that your hard disk will be completely recreated if you need to
Restore using these floppies.

TDS Software January 11, 1987 Page 3

VerBack Documentation Public Domain Version

Revision History

Date/Version Activity

12/23/86 V1.2 Initial release

1/11/87 V1.3 Backup sets of more than 9 floppies were
not handled properly- fixed.

We hope that this program gives you peace of mind knowing that your data
is safely backed up.

Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions about how
VerBack can be improved.

TDS Software January 11, 1987 Page 4

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