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º Documentation For Keyboard Speed Up (KSU) - Version 1.03 º
º A Shareware Program Written By Craig Veal º
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º I initially developed this program for my own personal use and the º
º rights to it are my sole property. This program is not and has never º
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º LIMITED permission is granted for your personal, NON-COMMERCIAL use º
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º SHARE this program with others! Craig D. Veal º
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º Phone 301-599-1071 º
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80286/80386 ("AT") type systems aren't stuck with their keyboard operating at
one speed. If you have one of these machines, you can set how fast or slow
you want the keyboard to respond. You can increase the keyboard response by
over 300% depending on the settings you choose!

The standard setting for the repeat function is 10 characters per second (cps)
and multiple inputs of the same key (such as the space bar being held down)
hav an initial delay of 1/2 second. You can vary the number cps from 2-30 cps
and vary the delay from 1/4 - 1 sec.

Select the desired delay AND cps settings from the table below and then use
KSU.COM to set the new cps rate and delay. The syntax is:

KSU delay cps

Two inputs are required (delay and cps). If either is missing you will receive
an error message and no other action will be taken. Otherwise you'll receive a
message telling you the new settings have been made.

Input Delay (ms)

A 250
B 500 (default)
C 750
D 1000

Input Characters Per Second Input Characters Per Second

0 30 16 7.5
1 26.5 17 6.7
2 24 18 6
3 21.8 19 5.5
4 20 20 5
5 18.5 21 4.6
6 17.1 22 4.3
7 16 23 4
8 15 24 3.7
9 13.3 25 3.3
10 12 26 3
11 10.9 27 2.7
12 10 (default) 28 2.5
13 9.2 29 2.3
14 8.6 30 2.1
15 8 31 2

The fastest combination would be: KSU A 0

This will set the keyboard to a 1/4 second delay and allow 30 characters per
second. This is probably too fast for everyone, but you can have it your way.

The slowest combination would be: KSU D 31

This will set the keyboard to a full 1 second delay and allow only 2 characters
per second. This is almost slow enough to lay a book on the keyboard, get a
cup of coffee and return before the cursor reaches the end of the first line
(about 41 seconds to do the first line).

What where should you start? The default setting (B 12) is usually too slow
for most people. I would recommend starting with B 4 and go from there. The
delay sensitivity isn't so low that you get extra keys because you left your
fingers on the keys a just little too long, but it's fast enough to get a feel
for how the cps has increased.

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