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*************** VAMPIRE ****************

Vampire is FrogWare - "bug free, mostly" and is distributed
on the "you download it, you use it" concept. It is not sold
or warrantied in any way whatsoever. If it breaks, sorry. If
if eats your computer, that is a real shame. It wasn't made to
do anything nasty, but after it leaves 'The Swamp'.....

What VAMPIRE was made to do was to make life easier for the
small systems integrator that has to update the ROMS in a number
of similar computers from one a set that is still installed in
the computer most recently received. Let us presume that you are
selling the PODUNK286 with the FRAMIS ROM BIOS v 1.0. You have
six of them in service locally and a ROM burner. This week you
received (for immediate delivery) a brand new PODUNK286 and it
had FRAMIS ROM BIOS v 1.2B in it. It ALSO seems to work LOTS
better than the "old one." So, you decide to retrofit the units
in the field with the new ROMS. You have several choices: One
you can contact PODUNK and ask for new ROMS. They will gladly
sell them to you for $50.00 for the set and delivery is 4 weeks
away, or you can take apart the "new" machine and pull the roms,
plug them into your rom reader and make a disk file (or two) and
then put the originals back, etc. and from the disk file(s) you
created, burn each customer a new set for the cost of the chips.

Of course, you had to take the computer apart and put it back
together, not the greatest idea for your other customer's brand
new computer, is it? Now there is an alternative. VAMPIRE. It will
capture the ROMS in the appropriate sized and split disk files,
ready to be used in most ROM burners without taking apart anything.
It can also be used to capture a set of ROMS to compare two versions
and see why FRAMIS v 1 and FRAMIS v 1.2B are different.

What you CAN NOT DO is use this program to STEAL the ROMS out of
a PHOENIX ROM machine, or some other "expensive" ROM set and use
it IN PLACE of your "cheap" FRAMIS BIOS. That is not only illegal
but it is against the law and if you use my program for that, then
the bad karma (and the federal crime) are your problem, friend, not

FrogWare (tm), and the motto "bug free, mostly" are trademarks of
Ryugen C. "That Old Frog" Fisher and
En-Crypts SoftSystems
4553 Highway 8 East
Rhinelander, WI 54501
phone 715-362-4712 modem 715-362-3895

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Archive   : VAMPIRE2.ZIP
Filename : VAMPIRE.DOC

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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