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Version 3.610 08-25-89
(C) 1989 By Peter K. Johnson

VA is a simple archive viewer capable of displaying the contents of ARC,
LZH, PAK, ZIP, ZOO, and self-extracting archives. The contents of all files
listed on the command line will be displayed. Wildcard file specifications
are valid. Usage information will be displayed if VA is executed with no
command line arguments. The output of VA is fully redirectable.

VA will append ".*" to file specifications that do not contain periods.
File specifications beginning with a dash should be preceded by another dash.
For example, the file "-SILLY-.ZIP" should be given as "--SILLY-.ZIP".

The configuration mode of VA may be entered by using the "-C" command line
switch. Most options require no documenting. When in PowerUser mode, the
listings may be paused using ScrollLock and stopped using Ctrl-C. When not
in PowerUser mode, listings may be paused using any key and stopped using 'S'.

Self-extracting archives created by the following programs are supported:

PKSFX v3.6, 3.61 by PKWARE Inc.
ZIP2EXE v0.90, 0.92, 1.01 by PKWARE Inc.
MKSARC v1.00 by System Enhancement Associates
EXEMAKE v1.6 by NoGate Consulting
PAK v2.0 by NoGate Consulting
LHARC v1.13c by Yoshi


Revision History Date .COM
---------------- ---- ----

1.000 - Initial version written in Zortech C++ 02-26-89 ????
Supports ARC, PAK, and ZIP formats

1.100 - Added support for ZOO format 02-26-89 16121

1.101 - Improved storage method for stowage 02-26-89 15763
Reduced code size

1.102 - Improved method for reading ARC/PAK file 02-26-89 15669

1.110 - Archive type now determined by contents, 02-26-89 15613
not by file extension

2.000 - Code ported to MicroSoft Assembler ??-??-89 ????

2.001 - Corrected interpretation of filespecs ??-??-89 ????
with colons

2.002 - Corrected divide error that occured with ??-??-89 ????
zero length files

2.003 - Corrected error in ratio display with ??-??-89 ????
files larger than 65534 bytes

2.004 - Slightly altered display of archive type ??-??-89 ????
Reduced code size

2.010 - Output is now DOS redirectable 03-23-89 3623

2.020 - Added ability to stop and pause the 03-28-89 3805

3.000 - Entirely altered display appearance 06-27-89 4771
Removed pause/stop ability (temporarily)
Altered entire system for archive viewing
Added LZH support
Optimized output functions

3.100 - Added use of switches 06-28-89 5660
Added configuration mode
Added lower case file name display
Added date format selection
Split code partially into modules

3.110 - Added time format selection 07-??-89 6066
Added display of current setup on usage

3.500 - Changed all references of LZH to ICE 08-07-89 7609
Modularized code
Altered switch processing system
Added pause/stop ability
Added addition of ".*" if no extension
Added support for the Distill compression

3.502 - Changed all references of ICE to LZH 08-08-89 7641
Added code to preserve break status

3.600 - Added support for viewing self-extracting 08-08-89 8169
archives created by the following
PKSFX v3.6, v3.61
ZIP2EXE v0.90, v0.92
MKSARC v1.00
PAK v2.0
LHARC v1.13c
Corrected error in preserving break status

3.610 - Added support for the Imploding 08-25-89 8377
compression method
Added support for self-extracting archives
created by:
ZIP2EXE v1.01
Corrected occasional error with
Added "(SFX)" indicator when displaying
self-extracting archives


Ending Bable

"ARC" is (for some bizarre reason) a trademark of System Enhancement
Associates (SEA).

This product (this version only) is "Freeware". That means that no
registration fee is charged, and no support is guaranteed. I accept no
responsibility for damage caused by the use of this product. This product
may NOT be sold, and no "distribution cost" may be charged for its
distribution. This product may ONLY be distributed along with ALL files
found in the archive.

I may be contacted as "Peter Johnson" at:

300/1200/2400/9600 HST
FidoNet 1:161/505

or by snail mail at:

Peter K. Johnson
196 Wykoff Drive
Vacaville, CA 95688

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Archive   : VA3610.ZIP
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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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