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Some information on the programs I (Ben Jos Walbeehm) write:

I mostly write very small programs (This info file is larger than most of my
programs 🙂 ). These programs are written primarily for my own comfort, but
anyone who thinks these programs are useful to him/her, may have my programs,
provided that s/he abides by the following "rules":

- Any program written by me (Ben Jos Walbeehm) that has been designated by
me as being "freeware", may be:
þ copied as often as one wishes,
þ GIVEN to anyone who wants to have it (and even to anyone who does not
want to have it). I strongly recommend you always include a copy of
the file you are now reading as well.

- Any program written by me (Ben Jos Walbeehm) that has been designated by
me as being "freeware", may NOT be:
þ modified,
þ reverse engineered, unless for the purpose of studying it,
þ sold, although a small amount of money (usually US$10) is permitted
for materials and handling.

- Any program written by me (Ben Jos Walbeehm) is provided "as is": I cannot
be held responsible for any damage caused by the use, abuse, or misuse of
any of my programs.

- Anyone who uses my programs should be aware of these "rules".

- Anyone who does not wish to follow these rules is prohibited to use any of
my programs.

Sorry to bug you with all this, but these rules merely reflect my ideas of
honesty and fairness ...

The programs I write are usually either written in Assembly or Pascal (but I
should add that I usually put large parts of Assembly in my Pascal programs,
primarily for reasons of compactness -- I just like my programs to be as
small as possible), and unless explicitly stated differently, they are 8086
compatible. Although I am the proud owner of an i486DX2-66 based machine, I
think I shall stop supporting the 8086 only after someone has shown me that
8086 based machines are extinct.

All programs support the "/?"-switch to display help about the program in
question (e.g. type "DC /?" and hit Enter). In addition to this, the help
screens for programs written in ASSEMBLY (they always have the extension
".COM" -- as opposed to ".EXE" for (compiled) Pascal programs), can also be
displayed by using "TYPE" (e.g. type "TYPE CALENDAR.COM" and hit Enter).

I usually do NOT use Borland Pascal 7.0 (by Borland International), mainly
because I consider it overkill for such small programs. I have added this
line just in case you wanted to ask me about this.

Since I do not pay any attention to 99.99% of the utilities written by others
(maybe I should!), it may well be that there already are similar programs as
mine written by others. These similar programs may be better, worse, longer,
shorter, slower, faster, ... than mine, but, as I said earlier, I do not care
since I write my programs primarily for my own comfort, and I only include
support for performing actions that I consider useful. Which does absolutely
not mean that I am not open to suggestions. On the contrary, I am!

Finally, I should like to know if my programs are appreciated. You do NOT
have to send me money (although I shall not send it back if you do), but I
would like it very much if you wrote me an e-mail if you appreciate any of
my programs. Feel free to e-mail me also if you have any suggestions, remarks,
questions, or whatever you may have about my programs. But please do not ask
me for complete source codes, for as a rule that I try not to break, I do not
give these away -- they are my only way (no matter how rudimentary that way
is) of showing that *I* am the author (do not know what purpose that would
serve though). And please, do not ask me to send you anything by snail mail
... unless you want it very desperately and are prepared to cover my expenses.

Thank you for reading this, and enjoy my program(s),

Ben Jos. January 3, 1994.

Ben Jos Walbeehm (Please get my first name right, it is "Ben Jos".)
Lijsterbeslaan 20
5248 BB Rosmalen
The Netherlands
Phone : +31 4192 14345 (The best time (GMT) to get hold of me is at night!)
E-mail: [email protected]

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Archive   : UU31.ZIP
Filename : INFO.TXT

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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