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Due to a bogus V3.20a version of UNP floating around on BBSs, this version
will be called V3.30.

I have basicly given up support for the UNP V3.x serie since I am writing
a complete new version of UNP. So there is no need to send bugreports of
this version. This release is just a result of a lot of requests for
the tinyprog/pktiny stuff.

If you are getting divide errors, try using "unp -l .." or "loadfix unp..".

Changes made from V3.15 to V3.30

- added SCRNCH V1.02
- added TINPROG V3.0, V3.8 and V3.9
- added handling of pktiny-ed files with PKTINY V1.0 and V1.4
- fixed bug causing dieted files on systems with much memory free to
generate a divide error.
- added (another) safety check on PkHeaders, this header could still cause
system crashes 🙁
(BTW. I have recieved copies of propack and ice, thanks!)

Due to some minor errors in releasing V3.13 and V3.14 this version of UNP
is released as V3.15. The changes made from UNP V3.15 to V3.12:

- fixed bug which in certain cases messed up 2 bytes in the resulting file
- added PROTECT! EXE/COM V3.1

Changes made from UNP V3.12 to V3.11

Due to a hard disk crash I lost propack v2.08 and ice V1.00, can anyone
who has one or both of these pleeeaaassseeee send it to me?

Also, I decided to release UNP as freewhere (see doc), please register!

- improved check for write errors
- added code to avoid infinite loop when using -a option and Infile and
and Outfile are specified
- added PROTECT! EXE/COM V3.0
- fixed bug which sometimes discarded the last byte of an exepacked file
- added -l switch to disable the feature below
- changed loadfix routine, files are now reloaded when they are loaded too
low and they require one segment below (with this larger files can be
- added code to remove a routine that converts exe to com files found on
FORMAT.COM supplied with dos6
- added routine to unpack a program called UsR-Patch v3.0
- fixed minor bug in identifying DIET routines
- added DIET V1.45f and DIET 1.44 with -G option
- Changed command line processing :
- UNP's Infile wildcard is now by default set to *.* if you have
specified a command.
- a *.* is automaticly added now if Infile ends with a '\'

Changes made from UNP V3.11 to V3.10

- rewrote tinyprog routine, now also able to unpack some unknown version
- added PROTECT! EXE/COM V1.0, V1.1 and V2.0 (encrypts and checks CRCs
on COM and EXE files)
- rewrote DIET routine, added recognition of DIET V1.00d

Changes made from UNP V3.10 to V3.02

- added CRUNCHER V1.0
- changed EXEPACK to recognize another routine found
- added another COM scramble routine I received.
- received a file compressed with SCRUNCH, added (I guess)
- added PKLITE V1.00á (2), see doc
- received a file compressed with SEA-AXE, added
- added writing back with COM structure of dieted COM files

Changes made from UNP V3.02 to V3.01

- added s command to show a list of compressed files
- added -k switch for pklite signature handling in batch files. Note
that the signature is added by default now!
- program crashed when decompressing compack with EMM386 as memory
manager, fixed.
- improvement in memory use, useful when running low on memory
- fixed options -c -a to not retry when a 'N' is answered
- added removing of Central Point Anti-Virus immunize code
- added a removable 'fake PKLITE signature'
- added handling of UNPs V3.01 or earlier 'fake PKLITE signature'
- added handling/removing of dislite's 'fake PKLITE signature'
- changed -a option to not retry when decompression failed
- identified PKLITE V1.10 (3) and V1.14 (1)
- added handling of a scramble routine found in a program sent to me
- finally added decompressing PGMPAK V0.14 (stupid bug on my side 🙁
- rewrote EXEPACK routine and fixed a bug in this

Changes made from UNP V3.00 to V3.01

- fixed bug in routine for storing relocation items
- rewrote PKLITE routine in another style

Although UNP V3.00 is a complete rewrite, I'll try to mention the most
important changes compared with V2.13..

- added wildcard support
- changed filename processing routines
- added option -a to retry on decompressed files
- added option -c that asks the user before decompressing
- added catching of INT 21 (disabled with -i option)
- added option -v which shows additional information
- changed -l option to l command

- added COMPACK V4.5
- added PROPACK V2.08
- added a COM routine for DIET V1.00
- added an EXE routine for DIET V1.01
- added several versions of EXEPACK
- added several PKLITE extra compression routines
- Merged LZEXE, KVETCH and PROPACK into one routine
- added TINYPROG V1.0 and V3.6

- fixed many bugs, including the infamous LZEXE bug!