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Turbo Safe Switch by Keith P. Graham

I assemble clones very cheaply for people I know and the XT clones
can have a problem running at 8 and 10 MHz. Sometimes floppy diskette
access can screw up at the high clock speed. The Clone must be brought
down to 4.77 MHz to work properly. The clones with "intelligent" Bios's
don't have a problem, but some others do. The program TSWITCH.COM is
a terminate and stay resident program (very small) which watches for
floppy diskette access and puts a clone into slow speed. When the
diskette access is finished, it goes back to high speed (or whatever
speed the clone was running). It works on most Taiwan XT turbo clones.
This is a fairly good solution to the problem, not as good as a well
designed bios, but good enough.