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The SWAP Utilities(TM)

Version 1.70 -- 04/25/90

SWAPSK(TM) -- For SideKick
SWAPSP(TM) -- For SideKick Plus
SWAPTN(TM) -- For Tornado
SWAPMT(TM) -- For Metro
SWAPMM(TM) -- For MemoryMate
SWAPSH(TM) -- For PCTools Shell
SWAPDT(TM) -- For PCTools Desktop
SWAPNG(TM) -- For The Norton Guides

The SWAP Utilities(TM) and this Documentation are:

Copyright 1989-90, Innovative Data Concepts
All Rights Reserved.

Innovative Data Concepts
1657 The Fairways
Suite 101
Jenkintown, PA 19046

This document; other accompanying written and disk-based notes and
specifications; and all referenced and related program files accompanying
this document are copyrighted by Innovative Data Concepts.

Version 1.70 was primarily designed to add support for PC Tools Deluxe
Version 6.0. SWAPDT now supports Desktop Macros and Alarms. SWAPSH works
with the new 4DOS 3.0, as well as supporting all the new features of
PCShell Version 6.0.

For the other utilities, the changes were not so obvious. Primarily, we've
added the /P command-line option, which gives you direct control over the
size of the internal paste buffer SWAP?? uses. In addition, memory
requirements for most utilities have been reduced.

Support for EGA/VGA cards has been enhanced. DESQView 2.26 is now fully-
supported. ^C is now passed through to applications that use that

SWAPMM now supports the ^P key for pasting, and functions in the same
fashion that MEMO does (only ONE paste permitted). SWAPMT has minimal
support for MetroKernal 1.0, and enhanced support for macros.

SWAPNG will now correctly change all hotkeys if the defaults are not used.
SWAPSP will now load correctly if an alarm is scheduled to go off during
the loading process.

There were no obvious changes for either SWAPSK and SWAPTN, other than the
general changes mentioned above.


Version 1.52 fixes a number of minor, internal problems with all the
utilities. It also includes support for Version 0.76 of The Norton Guides,
as well as additional support for DESKTOP.EXE files released by Central
Point Software after 7/20/89.

-- Chip Rabinowitz

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Archive   : SWMT17.ZIP
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