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After reading messages on BBS's about the problems caused by long comments
containing ANSI sequences in ZIP files I thought it might be useful
to have a utility that did nothing more than strip the file comment
out of a ZIP file.

Version 1.3 (10/16/89)

Timestamps on ZIP files are preserved when the ZIP file is

Version 1.2 (7/5/89)

Can create a log file so that you can see which files contained comments
and/or members with undesired attributes. STRIPZIP checks for an
environment variable called STRIPLOG. STRIPLOG should be the name
(and optionally the path) of the log file. If this variable exists
STRIPZIP will open the the log file and append messages to the
end of the file.

This version is several times faster than version 1.1. The extra
speed is particularly noticable on files which do not contain
comments (this is the way the thing should have been coded in
the first place ).

Version 1.1 (4/1/89)

I've added an option which will reset the file attributes of the
members of a ZIP file. ReadOnly, System, and Hidden attributes
will be removed.

The syntax for STRIPZIP is the same as for my ZIPV:

STRIPZIP [/B] [/R] file_spec1[.ZIP] [file_spec2[.ZIP] ... ]

The file specs can contain wildcards.

The /B option will prevent the name and path of the ZIP file from
being displayed (this is primarily for BBS use).

The /R option will check the attributes of the members of the
ZIP file and reset any which have the ReadOnly, System, or
Hidden attribute set.

STRIPZIP creates a temporary file on the SAME drive as the ZIP file (so
that I can simply rename the result). This means that there must be
approximately as much free disk space as the size of the largest ZIP
file to be stripped.

If you strip a single file STRIPZIP returns an ERRORLEVEL of 0 if it
is successful, an ERRORLEVEL of 1 if there is a problem. The problem
could either be that the ZIP file was invalid or that there wasn't
enough disk space to process the file. If you strip multiple files
you will only get the result from the last file processed. (STRIPZIP
will stop if the disk is full but if the ZIP file is invalid it will
skip it and process the next file.)


The program is fully protected by copyright and all rights are
reserved. This program is distributed as "POSTware". If you
find the program useful please send a post card to:

Ken Brown
5707 Jamestown Rd Apt 2
Hyattsville, MD 20782

No registration is required.

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Archive   : STRIPZ13.ZIP
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