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SPACE Version 1.0
Tom Strickland

Space is a utility that will count the bytes used by the specified
drive, path and file wild cards. This is a handy utility to determine
BEFORE you to a DOS COPY command if the files will fit on a floppy.
SPACE only reports on files that are copied by the DOS copy command.

If you have a dir \ARC on your Hard Disk and you want to know
if COPY *.ARC will fit on your floppy then simply do a
SPACE \arc\*.arc

SPACE [d:][path][fname.ext]

d: is the optional drive letter A-Z

path is the optional path specification.
SPACE will take a path name such as \ARC\
and expand it to \ARC\*.* in other words you need
not type the *.* but you do need the last \.

fname.ext is the optional file names wild cards are acceptable.

If no paramters are specified the current working path and drive
are assumed with a wildcard file name of *.*

You may distribute this program freely provided you do NOT alter
the the executable file to this DOCUMENT. This Document must be
included when you distribute. By using SPACE you agree not to
hold the Author liable in any way. There is no warrenty of any

Contact me on the following fine BBS if you have suggestions or comments

THE CORRAL (703) 360-5097
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Archive   : SPACE01.ZIP
Filename : SPACE.DOC

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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