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SmartZIP (tm) 1.00, by Joe Vincent August, 1989
Copyright 1989, Joseph A. Vincent Consulting, all rights reserved


What's new or different in SmartZIP?

>>>>> SmartZIP 1.00, August, 1989:

Updated to accommodate and exploit the capabilities in PKZIP 1.01.
(PKZIP 1.01 introduced Imploding, a new compression algorithm.
Shrinking was retained from PKZIP 0.9x and Reducing was dropped in PKZIP
1.01.) SmartZIP 1.0 will try Imploding, Shrinking and, if specifically
requested via an option, Reducing.

Since Reducing, from PKZIP 0.9x, sometimes compresses better than
Imploding or Shrinking, added an option ("/B", for "Both") to invoke
PKZIP 0.9x and try Reducing in addition to PKZIP 1.01's Imploding and
Shrinking. To use this option, PKZIP 0.9x must be renamed to
"PKZIP09.EXE" and must be in a directory in your PATH.

Added a new option ("/R") to provide reZIPping of an existing ZIP file.
Since reZIPping is now incorporated into SmartZIP, dropped the .BAT
file which was previously used for reZIPping.

Added a new option ("/O") to set ZIP date to the date of the latest

Added a workaround, suggested by Phil Katz, for files which have "@" or
"-" as a leading character. Such files confused PKZIP, which refused to
compress them.

Made minor cosmetic changes.

>>>>> SmartZIP 0.90á, March 24, 1989:

Eliminated the distinction between ASCII reducing and binary reducing.
Phil Katz explained to me that there is really only one reducing
algorithm, not one for ASCII and another one for binary. As a
consequence, the "/S" ("Smarter") option has been eliminated, since it
is no longer meaningful.

Added a file specification parameter used to specify the files to be
SmartZIPped. Wild cards are fully supported.

Added much more robust edits and error-checking logic. The ZIPname,
file specification and options are all vigorously checked. Appropriate
error messages are displayed for each type of error.

Added an "information panel" to display correct syntax and brief help
information if no command line is specified or if an error is detected.

Made cosmetic changes to the displays. Expanded and cleaned up the

>>>>> SmartZIP 0.80á, March 19, 1989:

Initial release (solid but anemic Ä it was pretty much a "bare-bones"

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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