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Darrell Bivens, Silver Bullet BBS (615) 337-9683

What is ShezShow? ShezShow is a text file with a few sample batch files
that show you how to get MORE from the Shez Archive Manager Program.
The Batch files are mainly concerned with using multiple virus scanners
with the Shez program. The SHEZSHOW.TXT text file explains several
enhancements that you can make to your Shez program. These enhancements
are numbered 1) through x) so you can search for ") " (parentheses
and two spaces, don't type the quotes) to find the first of each
enhancement section.

Use and enjoy.
Darrell Bivens

What's New?

Shez Show 1.7 10/12/94

The archive was renamed for this change. Added FILE_ID.DIS and DESC.SDI
files to the archive for easier uploading to BBSs that use these.
Added AVScan virus scanner to the SHEZSET.BAT file. Rewording and added
paragraph above. Several changes in SHEZSET.BAT file (see SHEZSET.TXT
for the details).


Shez Show 1.6 9/1/94

The archive was renamed for this change. I Goofed. On Shez Show 1.5 I
changed some $CD $CP and $ED $EP references. I did not fully understand
these variables (until now).

_VARIABLE___________ ________________SAMPLES___________________
$CD = Current Drive: (A: B: C:)
$CP = Current Path (A:\TEMP B:\TEST C:\HOLD)
$ED = Extract Drive: (A: B: C:)
$ED = Extract Path (A:\TEMP B:\TEST C:\HOLD)

Create a File List for other programs to use. (#5 at bottom)

No changes to SHEZSET.BAT file.


Shez Show 1.5a 8/18/94

The archive was not renamed for this change. ThunderBYTE Anti-Virus
6.23 was released recently. This version corrected one 'difference'
that was documented as a possible problem in the SHEZSET.TXT file.

No changes to SHEZSET.BAT file.


Shez Show 1.5 7/11/94 (I goofed on this one. See Shez Show 1.6)

Archive renamed SHEZSH15.ZIP for this change. Documented the Fast Move
command hidden in the RENAME (and RENAME TAGGED) options.

Corrected several sample SHEZ.INI entries adding the $CD to $CP and
adding the $ED to the $EP. If you tried to scan from A:\ (extract path)
after loading Shez from C:, the resulting scan was on C:\!!!

No changes to SHEZSET.BAT file.


Shez Show 1.4 6/30/94

Archive renamed SHEZSH14.ZIP for this change. McAfee Assts. just
released their SCAN 2.1.0 (Release Candidate) virus scanner. This update
changes the switches for SCAN2 by adding /ALL (See SHEZSET.TXT).


Shez Show 1.3b 6/27/94

The archive was not renamed for this change. Changed the order of the
F-Prot options that are ECHOed (See SHEZSET.TXT). Corrected a little
wording in the SHEZSET.TXT file. Saved all the files in this archive
with the 6/27/94 date.


Shez Show 1.3a 6/20/94

The archive was not renamed for this change. A small amount of
information about some differences in F-Prot virus scanner and about
some differences in ThunderBYTE virus scanner was added to the
SHEZSET.TXT file. If you use either of these viri scanners, you should
read this information as it affects the 'Quality' of the virus scanning


Shez Show 1.3 6/8/94

a) Now virus scanning is better than ever in Shez.

I revised the SHEZSET.BAT file that creates the SHEZSCAN.BAT file. It
can now setup SHEZSCAN.BAT for one or ALL of the four Viri scanners that
I know about: ThunderByte 6.20, F-Prot 2.12, Scan V115, and Scan 2.0.2.

(See the SHEZSET.TXT file for a detailed explanation of how to setup and
use the SHEZSET.BAT file)

b) Rewrote this text file in an easier to use format. The top section
will be a 'quick' review of what was changed [a) - z)] and the
enhancement suggestions will be numbered [1) - x)] below that section.

c) Corrected a entry in SHEZA.BAT file that loaded Shez in the wrong


Shez Show 1.2 4/27/94

Developed a method of using different virus scanners by using a batch
file SHEZSCAN.BAT file and SHEZSET.BAT to change the virus scanner.
Added sample SHEZSET.BAT and SHEZSCAN.BAT files to this archive.


Shez Show 1.1 4/20/94

Initial release of Shez Show to the public.

SHEZSHOW.TXT file contains three suggestions showing how to enhance the
use of Shez.

SHEZA.BAT as an alternate viewer!
SHEZA.BAT as a uSer program!
How to use alternate virus scanners in Shez uSer Menu


How to Enhance your Shez program for maximum use!

1) Loading Shez in the TAB Window. SHEZA.BAT as an alternate viewer!

Shez does not OPEN archive files inside the TAB window (on the right
side of the screen) like it does in the File Window when you press the
[ENTER] key. To allow Shez to work with archives in either window, I
created a batch file, SHEZA.BAT, that loads another copy of Shez as an
alternate viewer when you press [CTRL]-[ENTER].

To use the SHEZA batch file you need one line in SHEZ.INI for each
file/archive type you want Shez to work with.

(Sample SHEZ.INI entry, to be placed below the [External Viewers])
(line which is already in the SHEZ.INI file )



Now when you press [CTRL]-[ENTER] in either Window when a file with one
of the above extensions is high lighted, Shez launches SHEZA.BAT as a
file viewer. SHEZA.BAT file looks through several directories looking
for a directory where Shez was NOT loaded from. It then changes to that
directory and loads another copy of Shez against the high lighted file.
When you are through working with the file, Exit Shez and you will be
returned to the previous copy of Shez in memory EXACTLY where you were
when you pressed [CTRL]-[ENTER].

(This works best if you have plenty of memory or a VERY FAST hard drive
because Shez automatically uses the Shell function for uSer programs).

2) SHEZA.BAT as a uSer program!

I have setup SHEZA.BAT as a uSer program. I left off the $f after
SHEZA.BAT so I could use Shez to access any file (normal load).
The only drawback in this use is that SHEZA.BAT loads Shez in the first
directory where it found that Shez had NOT been loaded. For this reason
you should setup SHEZA.BAT starting with the directory you WANT Shez to
be loaded from on the first line and continue to the least desired
loading directory as the last entry. SHEZA.BAT will only move from one
directory to another if it finds Shez has already been loaded in the
current directory (finding Z#\PRN).

Name=Sheza Alternate Shez load

When you are through working with the file(s), Exit Shez and you will be
returned to the previous copy of Shez in memory EXACTLY where you were
when you pressed [CTRL]-[ENTER].

3) How to use alternate Virus Scanners in Shez!

A Shez configuration file only has one entry for your virus scanning
program filename and command line options.
There are several ways to use more than one virus scanner in Shez.

The simplest way: If you ALWAYS want to use the same scanners with the
same options: create a batch file that has the correct commands and
command line options for scanning.



and then configure Shez to use that batch filename.ext as your virus

A second method is also simple: Setup different uSer Menu entries for
your different Viri scanners. The limit here is that the uSer Menu
entries were designed to work with the high lighted file only. To get
around this, Jim added some uSer command line variables to specify
different paths and directories.

Added $? command line input to user menu variables.
Added $CD current drive to user menu variables.
Added $CP current path to user menu variables.
Added $ED extract drive to user menu variables.
Added $EP extract path to user menu variables.

For some examples, your uSer Menu can be setup to use your favorite Viri
scanner on the directory where you just extracted the files to.

Name=McAfee Assts. Scan

Name=F-Prot Virus Scan One

Name=ThunderBYTE TBScan One

A third method is more flexible but a little harder to setup: This
method uses SHEZSET.BAT to choose which virus scanner(s) to use.
You will need to make a uSer Menu entry to select your Viri Scanner
using SHEZSET.BAT. You will also need to make uSer Menu entries to use
SHEZSCAN.BAT for Viri Scanning. After that you can reconfigure Shez to
use a different Viri scanner while Shez is loaded.

Name=SHEZSCAN Extracted

Name=SHEZSCAN Current




4) RENAME (or Rename Tagged) to FAST MOVE on the Same drive:

When you choose the MOVE (MOVE TAGGED) command Shez copies the file one
byte at a time then deletes the source file after the copy is complete.
This is a slow process for large files.

If you are wanting to move files ON THE SAME DRIVE, i.e. C: to C:, then
you can use the RENAME (or Rename Tagged) command to MOVE THE NAME and
NOT copy/delete the file. The result is a move of a 2MB file that
happens just as fast as a normal Rename command, even on an XT.

5) Create a file list for other programs to use.

Many programs, Virus Scanners, Archive Utilities and others, can use a
File List to process a BATCH of files with one command.

Shez has the ability to TAG files and then run a uSer Program against
these tagged files. To create a file list for other programs to use is
easy. Add this uSer Menu item to the end of your SHEZ.INI file.

Name=Create File List (FL.TXT)
Program=ECHO $F >> FL.TXT|C:\TEMP

You will need to change the file name (FT.TXT) to the filename.ext you
want to use. Also change the default directory to the one where you
want your file list created.

This will always ADD to the list if it exists. Use Shez File Window to
display *.* and delete the file to create another new list. Or you can
use another uSer Menu entry to delete the existing file.

Name=Delete File List (FL.TXT)


This file/information is Freeware but I retain all rights to this
work. You may use this information freely and pass it on in its
unaltered form. I accept no money! If you want to pay someone
then Register your copy of Shez with Jim Derr.

I hope this information helps others find Shez as useful and as
powerful as I have. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions
please leave me E-Mail on the following BBS.

Darrell Bivens Silver Bullet BBS (615) 337-9683

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