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Help file for SHEZSET.BAT

Shezset 1.7 10/12/94

Added AVScan 1.84a Virus scanner switches to the SHEZSET.BAT file. This
virus scanner has a very good detection rate, is fairly fast, and works
extrememly well from the command line (no menu system). The detection
rate was better than Scan V117, Scan 2.1.2 on my small collection of
sample viri.

Changed the keyword CHECKOUT to CKOT when using SHEZSET. The file
SCANIT.BAT is no longer created. The SHEZSET.BAT file creates
SHEZSCAN.BAT or CKOTSCAN.BAT files directly.

Changed the LOG file filenames from the individual scanners to a
generic LOG (ie TBAV.LOG is now either SHEZSCAN.LOG or CKOTSCAN.LOG.
The reason for this change was the fact that Shez only SEES the
errorlevel set by the LAST virus scanner used. Thus three of the four
virus scanners could report problems and the last NOT report any
problems and the SHEZ.LOG file would NOT show any problems!

Two new files are included in this archive (SHEZFAIL.BAT and
CKOTFAIL.BAT). These files echo "FAILURE PROCESSING %1" statement into
the SHEZSCAN.LOG or CKOTSCAN.LOG file if ANY virus scanner exits with an
errorlevel > 0.

-------end of changes-------

SHEZSET.BAT creates a file named SCANIT.BAT using the BATCH "ECHO"
command to send the correct drive:\path\filename.ext and command line
options for your virus scanner. It can easily be changed for any
different virus scanners if you understand the BATCH file language.

SHEZSET.BAT defaults to copying the newly created SCANIT.BAT to
C:\SECURITY\SHEZSCAN.BAT. SHEZSET.BAT will optionally, copy the newly
created SCANIT.BAT to C:\SECURITY\CKOTSCAN.BAT file for the Checkout 2.0
program. (See the CHECKOUT.DOC file provided with the Checkout program
for proper use of the CKOTSCAN.BAT file.)


You will probably need to change the path names, file names and command
line options in SHEZSET.BAT to match your virus scanner(s) name,
locations and preferences. You will then need to configure SHEZ to use
SHEZSCAN.BAT as your virus scanner. Set the memory entry in SHEZCFG to
the MAX value required by your viri scanner(s) (if they require 286K,
411K, 395K then configure for 411000). Once this has been done you are
ready to Viri Scan your archives with the best of the best Viri

To use SHEZSET.BAT you just call it up like:
SHEZSET # where # is: 1=ALL, 2=TBSCAN, 3=FPROT, 4=SCAN, 5=SCAN2

To use SHEZSET.BAT with CHECKOUT you just call it up like:

(Note: You must use caps for CHECKOUT. There is not test for lowercase.)

If you have GET 2.5 or 2.6, batch file enhancer, you can specify
SHEZSET G and you will presented with a menu to select from. You
can replace this with your own batch file enhancer if you wish to.


Shez Show 1.5a 8/18/94

ThunderBYTE Anti-Virus 6.23 was released recently. This version
corrected one 'difference' that was documented as a possible problem in
the SHEZSET.TXT file.

No changes to SHEZSET.BAT file.

Shez Show 1.5 7/11/94

No changes to SHEZSET.BAT file.

ShezShow 1.4 6/30/94

McAfee Assts released their 2.1.0 Release Candidate virus scanner. They
changed their switches and defaults. The 2.0 series was originally
released for maximum protection by DEFAULT. The switch /STD was
used to process ONLY standard executable and overlay type files. Well,
they just reversed this. Now the default IS standard executables and
overlay type files and a new switch /ALL is provided to process ALL

This switch change was put into the SHEZSET.BAT ECHO commands to insure
that the SHEZSCAN.BAT processes ALL files. To restrict the scanning to
only Executable type files, use SHEZCFG to change that option in

ShezShow 1.3a 6/20/94

Virus scanner differences. The four virus scanners I have used in this
demonstration file work alike (almost). A few differences you should be
aware of follows:

As of F-Prot V2.12 this viri scanner is different from the other
scanners in that you can NOT specify a filespec.ext AND the option to
SCAN ALL FILES FOUND (/ALL) on the command line at the same time.
However, you CAN specify a drive:\dir AND /ALL. For this reason, there
is a test to see if you called the scanner and ended with a filename.ext
or a directory name, and the SCANIT, SHEZSCAN, CKOTSCAN files use the
correct command line.

A second item in F-Prot concerns the length of the command line. On
more than one occasion I have had F-Prot create a log file which was
named wrong. The indications are that if the path + command line gets
too long;


seems to do it; that everything past "C:\TEMP\F" gets cut off and F-Prot
creates a log entry named C:\TEMP\F (without the append). Because of this,
I rearranged the ECHO command in SHEZSET.BAT and moved /NOMEM /NOBOOT to
the end of the command line.


As of ThunderBYTE 6.23 this viri scanner (TBSCAN) has a difference that
I felt that you should be aware of. The difference is the way the
command line is interpreted if you end with a \ on the target. Other
virus scanners will let you specify a path like:


and they default to "*.*" as the filespec.ext. TBScan does NOT work
that way. If you end the target with a "\" it will NOT scan any files!
To correct this, I have specified *.* on the end of the uSer Menu
entries in the SHEZ.INI file.

ShezShow 1.2 4/27/94

I revised SHEZSET.BAT file that creates SHEZSCAN.BAT. SHEZSET.BAT
can now setup SHEZSCAN.BAT for one or ALL of the four Viri scanners that
I know about: ThunderByte 6.20, F-Prot 2.12, Scan V115, and Scan 2.0.2.

Have fun and stay viri free.
Darrell Bivens

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