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v10.5 12/12/94 Fixed error in configuration program when creating a new
config file.
Added ability to configure menu hot key colors.
When running under 4DOS/NDOS the copy,move and delete tagged files
functions have been greatly improved.
Fixed error when converting a compressed file to UC2 file format.
Fixed HEX display in the internal file viewer.
Fixed error when expanding/extracting Windows compressed files.
The strip comments function can now strip comments from ARJ type
compressed files.
Fixed internal error when processing ARJ compressed files.
Fixed error when deleting files from UC2 compressed files.
Sorting the list of files in a UC2 copressed file by size has been
Fixed a rare error when displaying file dates in compressed files.
Menu hot keys now begin with alphabetic characters.

v10.4 10/19/94 Fixed error when attempting to view and/or expand WIN type
compressed files.
Fixed error when attempting to work with HAP compressed files.
Fixed some screen errors when running SHEZ in 25 line mode.
Added highlighted hot keys to the menu system.
Removed code that deactivated PKZIP DPMI support when running under
Added ALT-X command to DOS directory window. This command will
allow the user to extract all files from the currently highlighted
files or all tagged files.
Enhanced the ALT-F1 command (display FILE_ID.DIZ) to allow the user
to optionally create a FILE_ID.DIZ file if one does not exist.
When printing files the PRINTING IN PROGRESS message will remain on
screen until printing is complete.
Fixed problem when attempting to convert ZIP files to UC2
compression format.

v10.3 10/3/94 Fixed the UNABLE TO DELETE problem when deleting files from
the DOS directory window when running under 4DOS.
When converting compressed files with embedded compressed files the
embedded compressed files were not having their time and date stamps
set correctly. - FIXED -
When copying a file and only the drive to copy to is specified the
current directory for the specified drive will be used.
When using the Print function and files are tagged a dialog box will
now appear asking if you what to print the highlighted or all tagged
Shez can not handle all types of windows compressed files by using
the native EXPAND.EXE program. Windows compressed files are now
handled like any other compressed file.
Added support for the INFOZIP, ZIP and UNZIP programs. A new
configuration item must be set to indicate that the INFOZIP program
are being used.
Added support for the RAR compression program.
Added config. item allowing user to specify the number of
directories to handle when using the F9 function to specify
directory names.
Made more improvements in the identification of ARC type compressed
Added floating help window in the SHEZCFG program.
v10.2 7/29/94 Corrected a small error when attempting to read spanned ZIP

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file when the ZIP file was created under DOS and is being read in
the DOS box under OS/2.
Fixed problem when running SGREP against all files contained with a
compressed file that contains directory names.
User menu functions can now process files that are highlighted
and/or tagged in both the DOS file window and the compressed file
contents window. If files are tagged a dialog box will ask if user
wishes to perform operation on highlighted or tagged files.
Fixed 4DOS description function when running with low memory. SHEZ
will now ALWAYS swap itself out of memory prior to running the 4DOS
describe command.
Added support for UltraCompressor II release 2. SHEZ now supports
move, freshen, extract newer, and update functions for UC2 files.
Added command ALT-I that will run the UC2 compressor to optimize the
current UC2 compressed file.
Added support to uncompress windows compressed files. The
uncompress code is built into SHEZ so the EXPAND program is not

v10.1 5/30/94 Corrected UUENCODE routine. The original filename that is
placed in the UUENCODED file contained two dots instead of a single
When starting SHEZ and only specifying a directory name SHEZ was not
using the user specified filespec as specified in the configuration
file. - FIXED -
Added code to automatically determine CPU type.
Added support for HAP version 3.14. When SHEZ is run on a 386 or
better the a3 and m3 commands will be utilized.
Added PORT keyword to Printer section in the SHEZ.INI file. This
allows the user to tell SHEZ which LPT port each user defined
printer should use.
When testing UC2 type compressed files SHEZ was not pausing to allow
the user to view the results. - FIXED -
When using F4 to delete a directory, SHEZ reporting that it could
not delete the directory when in fact it could.
Added smart move command ALT-F3.
Fixed an error that occurs when the user menu is empty.
Exchanged the location of the Tab and Exit mouse hot areas at the
bottom of the screen.

V10.0 5/13/94 SHEZ can now delete individual or tagged files that have
hidden, system, or read-only attributes assigned.

Fixed problem when CTL-ENTER is pressed to launch an alternate

Due to numerous users having problems with the configuration item to
activate authenticity mode automatically this option has been
removed from the SHEZCFG program. If you want SHEZ to startup with
authenticity mode activated you must set an environment variable
named SHEZAV to a Y prior to starting SHEZ. I.E. SET SHEZAV=Y

Added $? to user menu variables. Added $CD current drive to user
menu variables. Added $CP current path to user menu variables.
Added $ED extract drive to user menu variables. Added $EP extract
path to user menu variables.

Moved ZIP to top of convert compressed file drop down menu.

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Reorganized program code resulting in lower memory usage.

Fixed problem when view a file in a .ZIP compressed file and another
file with the same name exists in the .ZIP file but has been saved
in another directory.

Corrected Critical Error handling when TABBING to view a directory.

Entering directory names with extensions are now handled correctly
when entered either from within SHEZ or from the command line.

SHEZ will now check the release level of the SHEZ.CFG file and will
not continue if the SHEZ.CFG file has not been updated using the
matching release level of the SHEZCFG program.

Added preliminary support for the HAP compression program.

Modified the FILE_ID.DIZ viewing procedure as follows:

1) ALT-F1 will display the FILE_ID.DIZ file if it exists.

2) ENTER key will remove the dialog box and position the highlight
bar down one item.

3) CTRL-ENTER will remove the dialog box and will open the
compressed file view screen.

Added new command CTRL-F which will display a dialog box showing
free space on the default or user specified drive. This command is
available from both the DOS directory windows and the compressed
file contents window.

v9.9 4/19/94 Corrected the 4DOS description display when the DOS
directory window is zoomed full screen.
Corrected problem processing UC2 type compressed files when the
UC.EXE program is not is a directory in the path.
Increased user menu options from 10 to 20 items.
Added new function, SMART EXTRACT (ALT-F2) that will extract tagged
files from a compressed file and will optimally fill the target
extract disk. If all files will not fit, a warning message will be
issued and the files that could not be extracted will remain tagged.
Added a new sort type of TAGGED when viewing the contents of a
compressed files.
Modified the view FILE_ID.DIZ function. Pressing ESC when the
description is displayed will remove the dialog box and return you
to the DOS file list positioning the highlight bar one row down.
Pressing the ENTER key will remove the dialog box and will open and
display the contents of the compressed file.
Added a new configuration item allowing the user to tell SHEZ if
they want to be prompted before saving an edited file back into the
compressed file.
Added ALT-F8 to UUENCODE highlighted/tagged file(s) and
CTL-F8 to UUDECODE highlighted/tagged files(s). If no files are
tagged the highlighted file will be UUEN/DECODED. If files are
tagged then all tagged files will be UUEN/DECODED.
Added new configuration item allowing the user to start SHEZ with
ZIP authenticity mode automatically activated. It may still be
dynamically deactivated by pressing the ALT-1 key.

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