Category : Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
Archive   : SHEZ105.ZIP
Filename : SHEZ.REF

Output of file : SHEZ.REF contained in archive : SHEZ105.ZIP


F1 = HELP ALT-A = Add a list of files
CTL-F2 = Copy highlighted file A = Add file(s) to compressed
SFT-F2 = Copy tagged files ALT-C = Add/update file comments
F3 = View highlighted file F7 = Create new compressed file
CTL-ENTER = Ativate File Viewer ALT-D = Delete all extracted files
CTL-F3 = Move highlighted file D = Delete highlighted file
SFT-F3 = Move tagged files CTL-D = Delete tagged files
F4 = Delete highlighted file/Dir F8 = EDIT SELECTED FILE
SFT-F4 = Delete all tagged files ALT-P = Drive:path to extract into
F5 = Show file statictics ALT-Q = Immediately exit SHEZ
F6 = Sort the file display ALT-V = View file comment records
CTL-F6 = Rename file ALT-X = Extract all files
SFT-F6 = Rename tagged files ALT-N = Extract all NEWER files
F6 = Toggle $.$ and *.* ALT-B = Browse any file
F7 = Create new compressed file CTL-E = Extract all tagged files
F8 = Make Self Extracting file ALT-E = Extract specified file(s)
from highlighted file E = Extract the highlighted file
SFT-F8 = Make Self Extracting files ALT-F = Freshen a list of files
from all tagged files. F = Freshen file(s) in compressed
ALT-B = Browse any file F1 = HELP
ALT-C = Add/update file comments / = Menu display
ALT-P = Drive:path to extract into + = Tag highlighted file
ALT-Q = Immediately exit SHEZ - = Untag highlighed file
ALT-R = Reread the directory. ALT-M = Move a list of files
M = Move file(s) to compressed
ALT-V = Convert highlighted archive G = Password for compressed file
file to another format. R = Run the highlighted file
CTL-V = Convert all tagged archive S = Add\Update comment records
files to another format. for highlighted file
CTL-U = Untag all tagged files SFT-S = Add\Update file records for
CTL-SPACE = Tag all files all files in compressed file.
ALT-W = Write SHEZ.CFG file. Z = SPECIFY compressed FILE MASK
ALT-Z = Check files in all tagged I = Show info about archive file
compressed files for F9 = Sort archive listing
viruses. ALT-S = Speed search
ALT-1 = Toggle authenticity mode F2 = Switch to another archive
/ = Display menu bar File or directory
+ = Tag highlighted file F10 = Temporary exit to DOS
- = Untag highlighed file T = Test archive integrity
Enter = Display directory contents O = Toggle overwrite for extract
or Display file contents. P = Specify Path options
SPACE = Toggle tag status SPACE = Toggle tag status
CTL-X = Immediately exit to extract path CTL-U = Untag all files
CTL-Z = Check files in all tagged CTL-SPACE = Tag all files
compressed files for viruses, CTL-V = Convert sfx file.
plus strip comments out of ALT-U = Update a list of files
any tagged .ZIP files. CLT-T = Update archive file time&date
CTL-T = Tag all files. U = Update file in archive
ALT-6 = Macro Start/Stop recording ALT-Z = Check for viruses
ALT-7 = Macro Playback CTL-Y = Copy tagged files from one
ALT-8 = Macro Load and run Compress file to another.
ALT-9 = Macro Save ALT-1 = Toggle authenticity mode
ALT-0 = Macro Off and Flush V|RET = View the file
ALT-5 = Macro pause CTL-ENTER = Alternate File Viewer
ALT-+ = Tag highlighted file CTL-X = Immediately exit to extract path
ALT-- = Untag highlighted file ALT-T = Toggle tagged file status line
TAB = Secondary directory display ALT-G = Run GREP against file(s)
DEL = Delete hilighted/tagged file(s) ALT-Y = Run program against file(s)
ALT-F = Run PKZIPFIX on highlighted file ALT-6 = Macro Start/Stop recording
ALT-O = fOrmat Floppy ALT-7 = Macro Playback
ALT-D = View 4DOS description ALT-8 = Macro Load and run
ALT-U = Update/Add 4DOS description ALT-9 = Macro Save
CTL-S = Strip ZIP comments records ALT-0 = Macro Off and Flush
CTL-F4 = Create directory tree ALT-5 = Macro pause
CTL-F5 = Delete directory tree TAB = Secondary directory display
ALT-M = ZOOM / UNZOOM window DEL = Delete hilighted/tagged file(s)
ALT-F1 = View FILE_ID.DIZ ALT-O = fOrmat Floppy
F9 = Sort file list CTL-S = Strip ZIP comment records
ALT-F9 = Change Sort order ALT-F9 = Change sort order
ALT-F2 = Smart tagged copy ALT-F2 = Smart tagged extract
ALT-F8 = UUENCODE highlighted/tagged file ALT-F8 = UUENCODE highlighted/tagged file
CTL-F8 = UUDECODE highlighted/tagged file CTL-F8 = UUDECODE highlighted/tagged file
CTL-F = display disk Free space CTL-F = display disk Free space
ALT-F3 = Smart tagged move ALT-I = Optimize UC2 compressed file
ALT-X = Extract from highlighted/tagged

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Archive   : SHEZ105.ZIP
Filename : SHEZ.REF

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: