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Version History:

v8.79 -- Corrected problem with certain EGA adaptors.

v8.78 -- Allow user to specify alternate program name for
the LIST.COM program. (Used when running under the
4DOS command processor).

v8.77 -- When selecting a file to print, verification to
proceed with the print operation is now required.
will now accept multiple file specifications in the
prompt window.

v8.76 -- When using the space bar to tag a file the highlite
bat will automatically move to the next file in the
When using F2 to switch to another disk:dir the
orginial filespecification will be carried along.

v8.75 -- Added CTL-D command to delete files from an archive
that match a file pattern mask.
Modified SHARC to handle directory names greater than
8 characters.
Corrected screen restore after deleting files from an
Turned the cursor back on when invoking an editor via
the F8 key.

v8.74 -- Fixed a bug that causes abnormal termination when
running on old PC's and PC/XT's.
Altered configuration program to make it eaiser to
alter screen attributes when running on the mono monitor.

v8.73 -- Added support for 43 and 50 line modes when running
on an EGA or VGA system.

v8.72 -- Added the ability to invoke an editor via the
F8 key. Added a command to toggle overwrite mode that
will automatically replace existing file when they
are extracted. Added a file mask command that allows
you to display only the files in the archive that
match the file mask.

v8.71 -- Command key X to extract a file have been removed.
The command E is now used to extract files from an
archive file.
When deleting a file from an archive the user will now be
prompted for verification to delete.

v8.70 -- Defined function key F7 on the main panel to allow a
new archive file to be created.
Added F9 to allow you to sort the archive file list.
Suppressed the display of the password if one is entered.

v8.69 -- Reorganized the help screen.
Added support for environment variable SHARCEX to specify
the disk and directory where sharc will write extracted
files to.

v8.68 -- Added the ability to indicate in the SHARCFG program
if you want the file list automatically sorted.
Added the ability to specify a startup
disk:\directory\filename.ext when non is speficied
on the command line.

v8.67 -- Added the ability to View, and Delete files from the
file window that is displayed with the initial screen.
Added the ability to go to DOS from the initial screen.
Added the ability to display a file's Date, Time, and
Hopefully fixed the cursor problem that occurs on
mono monitors. Corrected the run command when running
programs from a disk that is not in the path.

v8.66 -- The video routines have been redone in this release
to make them more compatible with a wider range of
machines. Directory entries are now presented in the file
selection window and can be selected by highlighting the
directory and pressing the enter key.

v8.65 -- This release corrects a bug when attempting to execute a
program file from within an archive file. The
documentation has also been completely re-written.

v8.64 -- This release adds the capability to supply a password
for file encryption/de-enryption. After you choose an
ARC file to display press the "G" key. You will be
prompted for the password to use. This password remains
in effect until you either 1) clear it by press the "G"
key again and press the ESC key in reply to the password
prompt or 2) by changing the ARC file you are looking
at. When you create a new ARC file you will also be
prompted to enter the optional password. If you do not
want to password protect the ARC file press the ESC key.

PLEASE NOTE: If you password protect an ARC file or a
member of an ARC file and you forget the password you
used to encypt it there is no way to determine what
password you used. The password is not saved within
the ARC file so be careful.

v8.63 -- This release fixes the cursor restore problem when run-
ning on a mono monitor. (Please note the "SET MONO=Y"
environment variable must be set for this to function

Added in this release is the ability to change the disk
and or directory that SHARC is looking at from the first
screen. A function key display has been added to the
initial screen. The F2 key is now defined as the
ChangeDirectory key. Press F2 whenever you want to
switch to a different directory. Also added to the
initial screen is a line showing the disk, path, and
filespec that are currently being displayed.

Added the ability to enter a command key when the HELP
panel is displayed. For example: you forget what the
command key is to freshen a file. Press the F1 key to
pop-up the help screen then press the "F" key and the
freshen process will be performed. This function was
added to aid users when they forget the command key to
press for a function.

v8.62 -- Adds the ability to add and/or update an archive comment,
and/or file comments within the archive file. To add
or update the archive comment press CTL-X. To add or
update the file comments press CTL-C.

v8.61 -- Support for MONO monitors has been put back in. To use
SHARC on a mono monitor set the environment variable
"MONO=Y" (i.e. SET MONO=Y). Using this environment
variable will override any color definitions that were
setup using the SHARCFG program.

v8.60 -- Implements a configuration file for SHARC and drops the
SHARCL.EXE version of the program. SHARC will run with-
out its configuration file but then you must live with
my default values. The items you can change via the
configuration file are the screen colors, the arc and
de-arc program names, the disk drive to use as a work
drive, and the amount of storage to reserve for differ-
ent buffer space. To build the configuration file exe-
cute the program SHARCFG. The program will prompt you
for all necessary information. It will then build a
file called SHARC.CFG on the default disk and directory.
You must then move the CFG file to a directory that is
defined in your path.

The SHARCL.EXE program was dropped since a user can now
configure SHARC to allocate its buffer space via user

The default arching program is PKARC.EXE, de-arching
program is PKXARC.EXE, number of files per ARC file 500,
number of files per directory = 500, work disk = current
default disk.

For those users that have experienced problems looking
at ARC file on a floppy that is full. Use the SHARCFG
program and set the work disk drive to either your other
floppy drive, or your hard disk drive. Then when SHARC
instructs the de-arc program to unpack the file for
viewing it will unpack it on the defined work drive
instead of the floppy drive.

v8.52 -- This release includes the program SHARCL.EXE. This
program is a large data model of the SHARC program. It
will handle up to 500 ARC files in a single directory,
500 non ARC files, and 1100 files within an ARC file.
It is a little slower than the regular SHARC program but
some users needed support for a great number of ARC files.
In addition the ARC scanning routines have been re-written
and are about 15% faster. Also on the fill list window
that appear on the left side of the screen a small box
will appear on the right hand side of the window. It
will show you the relative position of the highlighted
file in the file list.

v8.51 -- An enhancement has been added in this release that posi-
tions the file list display pointer to the last file
selected. The list is still scrollable and pagable,
SHARC just remembers the last ARC file you selected from
the list and positions the pointer to that file for you
the next time the file list is displayed.

v8.50 -- Adds a speed search facility to both the file list pop-
up window and the ARC file list. To use the speed
search facility in the pop-up window simply press the
first letter of the file name you want to scroll to.
The list will be repositioned to the file that starts
with that letter or the closest thing to it. To use the
speed search facility within an ARC display press ALT-S
and then press the first letter of the file name you
want to find then press enter.

v8.40 -- Fixed a minor bug in the command line parsing routine.

v8.30 -- Supports ARC's with up to 1098 files in an ARC file. A
new option has been added to display ARC and file com-
ments within the ARC file. To use this option press
ALT-I. The implementation of this option is not very
elegant but it works.

v8.20 -- Supports updating an ARC file using the ALT-A, ALT-F,
ALT-M and ALT-U commands, when the files are in a dif-
ferent directory than the ARC file. PLEASE NOTE THAT

The "S" command has been added. It allows you to switch
to other ARC files in directories other than the one
specified on the command line.

The "C" command has been added. It allow you to create
a new ARC file. When specifying the new ARC file you can
enter the disk and directory you want the ARC file to

I have also included a registration form file with this
release. If you have been using SHARC please register!!

v8.00 -- This release address numerous comments from users of
SHARC over the past few month. The program has been
corrected so that the cursor is restored when SHARC is
finished executing. The file list is now sorted and can
be scrolled up and down in addition to being able to
page up and down.

Four new commands have been added. They all prompt for
a filespec which can include drive and path information.
A file list is then presented based on the entered file
specification. When the file list is on the screen use
the SPACE bar to toggle the tagged status of the file
(IF a file is tagged the "¯" character will appear to
the left of the displayed file). When you have tagged
all the files that you want included in the operation
(ADD, FRESHEN, MOVE, UPDATE) press the ENTER key and all
tagged files will be acted upon. The four new command
keys are: "ALT-A" to add a list of files to the current
ARC file; "ALT-F" to freshen a list of files to the
current ARC file; "ALT-M" to move a list of files into
the current ARC file; "ALT-U" to update a list of files
in the current ARC file.

If you start SHARC by specifying wild cards on the com-
mand line pressing the ESC key will return you to the
file list presented when SHARC was first started. To
exit SHARC press the ESC key again.

v7.00 -- Adds the ability to execute an EXE or COM file from
within the ARC file. The EXE or COM file is extracted
into the current drive:\directory then you are prompted
to enter any command line options. The program is exe-
cuted and then deleted.

v6.30 -- Fixes a problem that occurs when tagging files for ex-
taction. Under the prior release, if you tagged the last
entry in the ARC file for extraction it would not be
extracted. It's now fixed.

v6.20 -- Fixes a bug when SHARC is started and you specify a file
on the command line. Prior to this release if you speci-
fied a file on the command line, then used the "N" com-
mand, SHARC would terminate. Now, you will be presented
with a list of all files in the current directory that
have the ARC extension.

v6.10 -- Added the "M" move option. This option will allow you
to specify which files to move into the currently select-
ed archive file. If the files are successfully moved,
they will be deleted. Also if SHARC detects an error
from PKARC or PKXARC (or PKPAK/PKUNPAK) a message will
be displayed on the screen and the screen will not be
cleared until a key is pressed.

v6.00 -- Please note that there was no v5.x. Additional support
for PKARC v3.6. You can now TAG files for extraction by
pressing the space bar to toggle the TAG status. Then
press the CTRL-E key to extract all tagged files.

For those of you that have monochrome monitors and can't
see the selection bar try setting the environment variable
"mono=y" (i.e. "SET MONO=Y"). I think this should solve
the problem.

v4.10 -- Adds support for release 3.6 of PKARC and PKXARC. SHARC
will automatically determine which version is on your
machine and will use whichever version it finds.

v4.00 -- Support for monochrome monitors has been added. SHARC
automatically senses a monochrome monitor and adjusts
the screen attributes for the monitor.

Two small "bugs" have been corrected. When an extract
path is entered it stays in effect for the entire ses-
sion or until you change it. The window scrolling rou-
tine was corrected to correctly handle the end and cursor
down keys after selecting a file for extraction or view-

v3.00 -- A file list window has been added in release 3.0. This
window replaces the "N" command and ALT-N command. When
you specify wildcards on the command line, a filelist
window will appear. Use the cursor keys to highlight
the file you want to work with and press the enter key.
After the contents of the ARC file are displayed you can
POP-UP the file list window again by simply pressing the
"N" key.

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