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SetRAM -- A variable RAMdisk for your PC


It's possible in DOS to set up a simulated disk drive in memory. You
can use this drive as ultra-fast disk storage, speeding up many
disk-intensive programs. DOS provides a RAMdisk, VDISK, but once you
install it, the size of the disk can't be changed.

SetRAM lets you control the size of your RAMdisk from the DOS prompt.
You can change the size, or remove the disk entirely at will.


Copy the file RAM.SYS to the root directory of Drive C: or to a
bootable floppy disk.

Before using the SetRAM program, you must modify your CONFIG.SYS file.
Include the line DEVICE=RAM.SYS in your CONFIG.SYS file. You can edit
CONFIG.SYS with any ASCII text editor. Before using the RAMdisk, you
must reboot your system to install the RAM.SYS driver.

Copy the file SETRAM.COM to the same floppy disk, or to a directory on
your hard disk contained in your PATH statement. For more information
on the PATH statement, see your DOS manual.


To activate your RAMdisk, use the format below:

SETRAM drive size

Supply the drive name for your RAMdisk. It must be the next
available drive designation for your system. If you currently have
drive C: as your last drive, use D:

The size variable is in Kbytes.


To create the RAMdisk as drive D: with a size of 64 Kbytes, use this


You can also remove the drive completely by simply giving the command
with no size parameter, as shown below:


After removing the drive, you can resize it with another SETRAM command.


Remember that the files stored in your RAMdisk are volatile. If you
remove the disk with the SETRAM command, the files will be gone.

Also, if you reboot or shut off the computer, the files will be gone. Be

Finally, if you remove a memory-resident program installed before SetRAM's
RAMdisk, you can create a hole in memory and cause a system crash. For that
reason, do not remove TSR programs installed before your RAMdisk.


RAMDISKS using SetRAM are limited to 32 files in the root directory. You
can, however, create subdirectories to store more files.

SetRAM is a public domain program and may be freely copied and

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Archive   : SETRAM.ZIP
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