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Filename : VIDTYPE.C

Output of file : VIDTYPE.C contained in archive : SETEXEC.ZIP
VIDTYPE.C -- detects video card type (and monitor type, but only for
informational purposes), and sets an errrorlevel based on the video card
type detected. Use in a DOS Batch file to load a specific driver, perhaps
on a LAN with mixed video configs.

This implementation was written using Quick C 2.5. Compile it however
you want, but don't forget to include the graphics.lib in your link command
sample compile and link:
qcl /c /Ox vidtype.c
qlink vidtype,,,graphics.lib


#include /* must be included. Structure references */
/* come from this header file. */

int el; /* integer variable to hold errorlevel value */


struct videoconfig text; /* define structure: videoconfig */
short adapter; /* then declare structure: text */
short monitor; /* other two 'shorts' are structure */
/* members used in the program. */
/* see GRAPHICS.H */

_getvideoconfig ( &text ); /* get text and general video information */

switch (text.monitor) /* since the monitor type is less */
{ /* important re a software driver */
/* we only display this information */

case 0x0001:
printf ("\nFYI: monitor type ==> DIGITAL MONO");

case 0x0002:
printf ("\nFYI: monitor type ==> DIGITAL COLOR");

case 0x0004:
printf ("\nFYI: monitor type ==> DIGITAL ENHANCED COLOR");

case 0x0008:
printf ("\nFYI: monitor type ==> ANALOG MONO");

case 0x0010:
printf ("\nFYI: monitor type ==> ANALOG COLOR");

case 0x0018:
printf ("\nFYI: monitor type ==> ANALOG");

default :
printf ("\nFYI: monitor type ==> Other (worldly)");


switch ( text.adapter ) /* the video card type is key, so */
{ /* this information is used to set */
/* the DOS errorlevel, sensed by the */
/* batch file. */
case _MDPA:
printf ("\nADAPTER TYPE ==> 01: Monochrome Display Adapter (MDPA)\n");
printf ("Errorlevel set to ==> 1\n");
el = 1; /* el gets set accordingly, within each */
break; /* each case statement */

case _CGA:
printf ("\nADAPTER TYPE ==> 02: Color Graphics Adapter (CGA)\n");
printf ("Errorlevel set to ==> 2\n");
el = 2;

case _EGA:
printf ("\nADAPTER TYPE ==> 04: Enhanced Graphics Adapter (EGA)\n");
printf ("Errorlevel set to ==> 4\n");
el = 4;

case _VGA:
printf ("\nADAPTER TYPE ==> 08: Video Graphics Array (VGA)\n");
printf ("Errorlevel set to ==> 8\n");
el = 8;

case _MCGA:
printf ("\nADAPTER TYPE ==> 10: MultiColor Graphics Array (MCGA)\n");
printf ("Errorlevel set to ==> 9\n");
el = 10;

case _HGC:
printf ("\nADAPTER TYPE ==> 20: Hercules Graphics Card (HGC)\n");
printf ("Errorlevel set to ==> 20\n");
el = 20;

printf ("\nSorry ==> Video Adpater Unknown! (VAU) \n");
printf ("Errorlevel set to ==> 0\n");
el = 0;

printf("\n Dan Goldberg, late July, 1991. \n");

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Archive   : SETEXEC.ZIP
Filename : VIDTYPE.C

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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