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Zagreb, 27.7.1989.

Hello, dear user!

Program RWALL is really brend new (now). Only few minutes passed
since all is compiled & finished primary tests. So, be careful, while using
it, although it is not that unsafe.
Infact, this archive contains four main files:

- RWALL.EXE Read-Write ALL diskette formats (one sector)
- ST2PC.EXE simple sector exchanger (for ST to PC format)
- ATARI2PC.BAT batch file for easy use of ST2PC.EXE
- README.TXT this file

RWALL.DOC is not available, yet (wait for a while).
Type RWALL and get usage.

ST2PC reads EXACTLY 512 bytes from BINARY stdin, changes
first three bytes into (EB,34,90), and writes all 512 bytes to stdout,
making all concept very easy for use & development.

You will not be able to use RWALL & stuff without redirection &
piping in single command line, so be carefull. Send results to files, or
to another process, but don't break pipe, because you lose data.
For test use, it is possible to send data to screen.

If you find RWALL & ST2PC easy and convenient to use, do not hesitate to
register your copy, by sending $15 to one of the authors. New versions
would be available very soon. For example: for Macintosh, CP/M, Commodore,
Apple, Amiga, etc..

Mladen Baranek Darko Bulat
Nustarska Dujsinova 3
41040 Zagreb 41000 Zagreb
+38-41-259-205 +38-41-535-049

The newest version of RWALL & suplement programs is allways available in
archive RWALL.ZIP in mailbox Zagreb BBS, +38-41-535-049