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ReComment - a .ZIPfile Comment Processor 4/27/90
Version 1.05 - Copyright 1990, Michael C. Loewen
ReComment is a utility which allows you process .ZIP file
comments, in a manner which is particularly useful to BBS
operators. I wrote this program to replace a somewhat cumbersome
procedure on my BBS, involving removing/replacing .ZIP comments
and timestamping, which was being performed by several different
utilities. ReComment allows me to perform all these operations
in 1 step, while also allowing me to log .ZIP comments to a file
for later viewing. With more and more sysops adding comments to
the .ZIP files on their systems, it's interesting to note from
where the files uploaded to your system are coming.

ReComment allows you to perform the following operations on
a .ZIP file:

1. Remove a comment from a .ZIP.
2. Add a comment to a .ZIP with no existing comment.
3. Substitute a new comment for an existing comment.
4. Copy comments to a logfile, for later inspection.
5. Change the .ZIP timestamp to that of the most recent file
within the .ZIP.

Command Line Options

do NOT remove existing comment. This option overrides -s.

Change .ZIP file timestamp to that of the most recent file
within the .ZIP

Log existing comments to a text file, LOGFILE. Comments are
appended to an existing file, or a new file is created if
the specified file does not exist.

Substitute (add) a comment contained in COMMENTFILE to
the .ZIP. If there is no existing comment in the .ZIP, the
new comment is added. If there IS an existing comment, it
is replaced. COMMENTFILE may be created with any ASCII or
ANSI editor. Note: if the replacement comment is the SAME
as the old comment, it will not be replaced or logged.

You can use wildcards on the command line for the .ZIP files.
Command line options may be used in any order, with the following

1. If -l is used, the log file name must follow it.
2. If -s is used, the comment file name must follow it.
3. The first argument which does not begin with a '-' is assumed
to be a .ZIP filename, along with everything following it.

Program Defaults

Program operation defaults to that of a simple comment
stripping utility:

1. Remove existing comment.
2. Do not log comments.
3. Maintain the .ZIP file timestamp.

Environment Variable RECOM

If you prefer, you can specify a default set of options in an
environment variable, RECOM. Set RECOM equal to the options you
wish to use, exactly as you would use them on the command line,
with one restriction: you may not specify .ZIP files in the RECOM
variable. Note: if you elect to use the RECOM variable, and also
specify the same options on the command line, the command line
options will override the variable settings.

Please note that ReComment does NOT process comments attached
to individual files within the .ZIP: it only works with comments
attached to the end of the .ZIP. Also, ReComment does not, at
this time, support self-extracting .ZIP files. This will be
implemented in a later version.


ReComment allows a certain flexibility in its operation, by
using the options in various combinations. Some examples are:

Command Line Operation

recom *.zip Removes comment, maintains .ZIP

recom -o *.zip Removes comment, sets .ZIP
timestamp to most recent file
in .ZIP.

recom -n -o *.zip Changes .ZIP timestamp, only.

recom -l logfile *.zip Remove comment, log it to logfile.

recom -s cfile *.zip Replace comment.

recom -l logfile -s cfile *.zip
Replace comment, log old comment.

recom -n -l logfile *.zip Log existing comment, do not

BBS Hints

ReComment can be used on a BBS in several ways. On my system
(PCBoard 14.2), with ProDoor 3.1, I made an entry in the
PROUTEST.BAT file, to automatically process .ZIP files when they
are uploaded. Such an entry might look like this:

rem -- replace comments in uploads; RECOM is from RECOM105.ZIP
chkpath recom %0 >>%1
recom -o -s c:\pcb\icslabel -l c:\pcb\cmntfile %2\*.zip >>%1

An alternative, and possibly more useful method, would be to
make an entry in your EVENT.SYS file, to process your upload
directory on a daily basis. This entry might look like this:

recom -o -s c:\pcb\icslabel -l c:\pcb\cmntfile c:\upload\*.zip

Software Availability

The latest version of this software is available on several
systems, among them:

The ICS Round Table - State College, PA (814) 231-2568
The Magnetic Bottle - State College, PA (814) 231-1345

I can be reached (Mike Loewen) on either of these systems for
questions, comments, suggestions, etc.. I can also be reached
through the RIME (RelayNet International Message Exchange)
Shareware conference.

Many thanks to Bill Mertens, sysop of the Magnetic Bottle, for
testing the software and his many helpful suggestions, and to
Frank Maczaczyj, sysop of the Random Access BBS (814-371-5881)
for his help in testing.

If you find this program to be useful, any contributions will
certainly be welcome, in order to support the continued
development of this, and other software. Contributions may be
sent to:

Michael C. Loewen
RD4, 461 Plum St.
Bellefonte, PA 16823

I strive to develop a quality product, and I believe that this
software is fully functional as stated in the documentation.
However, it is not possible to test the software in all
situations, and there may be something lurking deep down which
might surface unexpectedly. Should you discover a defect in the
program, please contact me on the ICS Round Table, so that I
might correct the problem.

Version History

1.04 (03/25/90) - initial public release.

1.05 (04/27/90) - bug fix. Changed the manner in which comments
and log files are searched for CTRL-Z characters: comments with
multiple CTRL-Zs were sneaking through. Also found a logic flaw
which would cause ReComment to ignore a request for timestamp
change in .ZIP files with no comment attached.

Now, for the legal stuff:

The author makes no warranties, expressed or implied, as to
the quality or performance of this program. Your use of this
program constitutes your release of the author from liability or
litigation for any indirect or consequential damages arising from
the use of this program or its associated files.

In no event will I be liable to you for any damages, including
any lost profits, lost savings or other incidental or
consequential damages arising out of your use of inability to use
the program, or for any claim by any other party.

This document and the program file RECOM.EXE ("the software") are
copyrighted by the author. The copyright owner hereby licenses
you to:

1. use the software;
2. make as many copies of the program and documentation as you
3. give such copies to anyone;
4. distribute the software and documentation via electronic

No fee may be charged for this software, beyond the cost of
the media. Also, the software may NOT be distributed as part of
any software package for sale, unless specific permission is
first obtained in writing from the author.

Your use of the program constitutes your acceptance of the
terms and conditions stated above. No copy of the software may
be distributed or given away without this document, and this
notice must not be removed.


ReComment - a .ZIPfile Comment Processor 4/27/90
Version 1.05 - Copyright 1990, Michael C. Loewen

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