Category : Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
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Filename : REBOOT.DOC

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Installation just type install and follow the prompts making sure to specify a directory that is
included in your PATH environment variable.


This edit your config.sys and autoexec.bat files. then you use the command:
REBOOT /extension /S
Where "extension" is the three character or less file extension you wish to save the files with. This
will save the configuration files in the directory specified in the initialization file.

To reboot your system from the command line just type:
REBOOT /extension
The files will be copied into your root directory then you will be prompted to hit a key to continue.
At this time you may hit ESC to cancel without rebooting.


This program including all associated files should be registered if you continue to use this
program for over thirty days.

Please send all inquiries and registration to: Marshall Brown II c/o Premier Data Corp. 7407
Walker Mill Rd., Capitol Hts. MD 20743. The registration amount is $5.00. This will entitle you
to announcements of future releases of this product and others produced by myself. But,
admittantly there is no copy protection on this program and it is your good conscience that will
support the concept of Shareware. Please, send your name and address with your check or money
order. As well as where you found this program at your option.

Registration Form

Name: _______________________________... Age: _____ Sex: ___

Address(line 1): ____________________________________________________________

Address(line 2): ____________________________________________________________

City: __________________________________ State: _______ Zip: ____________________

Country: _________

Where did you find this program? _______________________________________________

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Archive   : REBOOT10.ZIP
Filename : REBOOT.DOC

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