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Information on Site Licenses

Corporate and Governmental Site License

This is a license for use of the software within your company or
goverment agency, and is not transferable. This allows internal
use and copying of the software for as many sites / computers as
contracted for. (See the ORDER FORM for Site License price
schedule). An unlimited Site License allows unlimited copying
of the software for internal use by your company or government
agency. Distributing, repackaging, or reselling of the software
to third parties is not allowed. All licenses are prepaid.

Private Use

This license is not necessary for clubs or user groups distributing
the software on a SHAREWARE basis, providing that the entire
PKZMENU package with accompanying documentation files is included
in the distribution, and no more than a nominal fee (not to exceed
$10) is charged for such distribution.

Availability of Source Code

It is the policy of PKWARE, Inc. not to release source code of
its products.


9025 North Deerwood Drive
Brown Deer, WI 53223 USA

Voice (414) 354-8699
BBS (414) 354-8670
FAX (414) 354-8559

PKWARE, INC. hereby grants [ORGANIZATION NAME] a site license for
[NUMBER OF SITES/COMPUTERS LICENSED] computers for the use of the
following software programs: [PKWARE PRODUCTS LICENSED].

This is a perpetual license for the use of the software within your
company, and is not transferable. This license allows internal use and
copying of the software by as many users/ machines as contracted for.
Distribution, repackaging, or reselling of the software, to third
parties, is not allowed under this agreement.

The LICENSOR warrants that it is sole owner of the software and has full
power and authority to grant this license herein without consent of any
other party.

PKWARE hereby disclaims all warranties relating to this software,
whether express or implied, including without limitation any implied
warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
PKWARE will not be liable for any special, incidental, consequential,
indirect or similar damages due to loss of data or any other reason,
even if PKWARE or an agent of PKWARE has been advised of the possibility
of such damages. In no event shall PKWARE's liability for any damages
ever exceed the price paid for the license to use the software,
regardless of the form of the claim. The person using the software
bears all risk as to the quality and performance of the software.

This agreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the
laws of the STATE OF WISCONSIN. Any action or proceeding brought by
either party against the other arising out of or related to this
agreement shall be brought only in a STATE or FEDERAL COURT of competent
jurisdiction located in Milwaukee county, Wisconsin. The parties hereby
consent to in personam jurisdiction of said courts.





AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE: _____________________________________

TITLE: _______________________ DATE: _______________

PKWARE, INC. AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE: _________________________

TITLE: Vice President DATE: ______________________

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Archive   : PKZM104.ZIP
Filename : LICENSE.DOC

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