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R.M. (Mike) Smith 1988/No. 1 (Utilities)

Purpose: This utility provides menu style access to the PKWARE program PKARC. It allows the non-technical user to select files, processing options, and to invoke PKARC to produce archives of compressed data.

Format: PKMENU [filespec]

Remarks: The optional filespec is the filename (plus drive and pathname, if needed) of the default archive file. It is used in batch files to specify a default filename into which the archived data will be placed. If the filespec is omitted, PKMENU requires the user to enter an archive filename. If the filespec is not omitted, PKMENU will allow the user to enter a different archive filename.

The INS key is used to select the filenames that are to be passed to PKARC, as well as, to toggle the PKARC option switches that are listed in the option menu of PKMENU.

The END key initiates the PKARC process. This process consists of calling the PKARC program to process the files listed, and to list the contents of the archive whenever action is taken that modifies the contents of the archive. This listing action is taken to assure the user that the actions he selected were properly performed. SINCE THIS UTILITY DOES NOT INCORPORATE PKARC INTO ITSELF, PKARC MUST BE LOCATED ON YOUR SYSTEM, AND MUST BE ACCESSABLE, VIA THE CURRENT DIRECTORY OR THE DIRECTORY SEARCH PATH SPECIVIED IN THE ENVIRONMENT.

The F10 key and the ESC key both terminate the PKMENU program without initiating a PKARC process.

This constitues the documentation of PKMENU. Further information on the PKARC program is contained in the documentation files that are supplied with PKARC.

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