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There are many Amiga BBS's or BBS's with Amiga files on them
that are run on MS-DOS hosts. Moreover, many of these system
have files in "ay-are-cee", ZOO, or LZH format. Now that
PKAZIP for the Amiga is available, it would be beneficial to
convert these files to the more reliable and efficient .ZIP
file format used by PKZIP.

However, because many of these Amiga archives contain
filenames that are illegal under MS-DOS, conversion of these
files to .ZIP format on an MS-DOS host has not been possible
until now.

While these programs will also convert native MS-DOS
"ay-are-cee", LZH, and ZOO files, they are mainly designed to
convert non MS-DOS created archives.




The purpose of these programs are to convert LZH, ZOO and
"ay-are-cee" files to .ZIP files, even if they contain
filenames that are illegal under MS-DOS, without losing or
truncating the original filenames.

The resulting .ZIP files generated by these programs will save
all information, including the extact filenames in the
original archives, in the new .ZIP files. The new .ZIP file
will also have the same file date/time as the original

How they work:

PKCNVT and PKCNVZOO basically execute a "zoo v" or "pkunpak
-v" on each file to read the name, date, etc. for each file
in the archive, and then extract each file to the console,
after having redirected stdout to a temporary file with a
legal MS-DOS name. PKZIP is then run to compress the files
with the temporary names, after which PKCNVT programs will
update the .ZIP file with the original filename and
information. At no time do PKCNVT or PKCNVZOO ever open or
read the archive being converted, particularly files of the
"ay-are-cee" variety. Due to limitations of the
LH"ay-are-cee" program, PKCNVLZH does open and read LZH files


PKCNVZOO [options] filespec[.ext] [filespec[.ext]...]
PKCNVLZH [options] filespec[.ext] [filespec[.ext]...]

PKCNVZOO, PKCNVLZH converts ZOO or LZH files respectively to
.ZIP files. ZOO 2.00 or later, LH"ay-are-cee" 1.13 or later
and the latest version of PKZIP should be in the current
directory or PATH when using this program.


pkcnvzoo *

will convert all the ZOO files in the current directory to
.ZIP files.

pkncvlzh a* b* dat*

will convert all the A*.LZH, B*.LZH, and DAT*.LZH files in the
current directory to .ZIP files.

PKCNVT [options] filespec.ext [filespec.ext...]

PKCNVT converts PKPAK compatible files to .ZIP files.
PKUNPAK 3.6 or 3.61 and the latest version of PKZIP should
be in the current directory or PATH when using this program.

For reasons that will go unmentioned, PKCNVT, unlike PKCNVZOO
or PKCNVLZH, does not default to the "ay-are-cee" extension.
Therefore, you must specify the extension for these files
with PKCNVT.

The options for these programs are:

-d = delete converted files
This will delete the original, .ZOO, .LZH, or
."ay-are-cee" files after they have been successfully
converted to a .ZIP file.

-l = log errors and continue
This will cause the convert program to create a log file
PKCNV.LOG to record any errors encountered, such as an
archive which failed to extract properly, and continue
on with the next file. By default the software will
prompt you to abort or continue when an error is detected.

-o = overwrite ZIP file if it exists
If the same name .ZIP file already exists, the software
by default will prompt you if you want to overwrite or
rename the new .ZIP file. Using this option will cause
the software to automatically overwrite the existing file.


PKCNVT Copyright 1990 PKWARE Inc. All Rights Reserved.
PKCNVZOO Copyright 1990 PKWARE Inc. All Rights Reserved.
PKCNVLZH Copyright 1990 PKWARE Inc. All Rights Reserved.

These programs are free.

You are free to use, copy and distribute these programs providing:

No fee is charged for use, copying or distribution.
They are not modified in any way.

Clubs, user groups, and ShareWare/PD disk vendors may charge a
nominal fee, not to exceed ($10), for expenses and handling
while distributing these programs.

If you have any questions about PKCNVT, PKCNVZOO, PKCNVLZH or
want to find out more about other PKWARE products contact:

7545 N. Port Washington Rd.
Suite 205
Glendale, WI 53217
414-352-3670 (voice) 414-352-3815 (fax)

or call the PKWARE Support BBS at 414-352-7176, available 24 hours.


PKWARE hereby disclaims all warranties relating to this
software, whether express or implied, including without
limitation any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness
for a particular purpose. PKWARE will not be liable for any
special, incidental, consequential, indirect or similar damages
due to loss of data or any other reason, even if PKWARE or an
agent of PKWARE has been advised of the possibility of such
damages. In no event shall PKWARE's liability for any damages
ever exceed the price paid for the license to use software,
regardless of the form of the claim. The person using the
software bears all risk as to the quality and performance of the

This software was written and manufactured with pride in the
United States of America.

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