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What the Hell is PGP?
It's easier to explain if you just download it.

Here is some info on how and where to get ahold of PGP if you've picked up
PGPShell not knowing what it does. If you can't find PGP in the U.S. then
call up by anon ftp logon. Apparently, RSA Data Security
is threatening U.S. sites with legal action if they continue to carry the
PGP program. Okay then... - Johannes


From: [email protected] (Hugh Miller)
To: [email protected]
Subject: PGP 2.2 Sites

(Last modified: 0650 UTC, 31 Mar 93)

PGP v. 2.2 is on hundreds, if not thousands, of BBSes and Internet
anonymous-ftp archive sites throughout the world. This list cannot be
comprehensive, but it should give you plenty of pointers to the largest
and most frequently updated sites. Upcoming versions of the program
will appear first at these sites.

PGP 2.2 has been posted to the FidoNet Software Distribution Network
and should soon be up on most if not all Canadian and U.S. nodes
carrying SDN software. It has also been posted on almost all of the
major private North American BBS systems, thence to countless smaller
boards. Consult a list of your local BBSes; most with a sizeable file
inventory should carry the program under the filenames listed below.

On the Internet, there are many sites to try for anonymous ftp: (
/src/security/ (MS-DOS executables & docs)
/src/security/ (Unix, MS-DOS, VMS, Amiga sources,
docs, info on building PGP into
mailers, editors, etc.)
/src/security/pgp22.tar.Z (Same as PGP22SRC.ZIP, in Unix tar
/src/security/macpgp2.2.cpt.hqx (Macintosh version) (
/pub/ibmpc/pgp/pgp22.taz (Same as pgp22src.tar.Z)
/pub/ibmpc/pgp/ (OS/2 V2.0 32-bit using EMX)
/pub/ibmpc/pgp/MacPGP2.2 (Macintosh version) (
/pub/crypt/MacPGP2.2 (
/pc/source/ (
/pub/cypherpunks/pgp/macpgp2.2.cpt.hqx (
/pub/security/pgp22.tar.Z (
/pub/security/PGP/MacPGP2.2 (

For those lacking ftp connectivity to the net, also
offers the files via mail. Send the following mail message to
[email protected]:

ENCODER uuencode
SEND pub/crypt/
SEND pub/crypt/

This will deposit the two zipfiles, as 15 batched messages, in your mailbox
with about 24 hours. Save and uudecode.

Another private BBS from which you can obtain PGP for the simple price of
the long-distance call time is the Grapevine BBS, the largest BBS in Arkansas.
It's run by Jim Wenzel in Little Rock. John Eichler, a PGP user at Grapevine,
sent me the following information for your edification and enlightenment:

> The GRAPEVINE BBS in Little Rock is the largest BBS in Arkansas. To
> help people obtain a copy of PGP, the GRAPEVINE has set up a special
> account for this purpose. The following phone numbers are applicable
> and should be dialed in the order presented (i.e., the top one first
> since it is the highest speed line).
> (501)753-6859 NLR V.32bis/HST
> (501)753-8121 NLR V.32bis/HST
> (501)791-0124 NLR V.32/HST
> (501)753-4428 NLR Compucom
> (501)791-0125 NLR V.32bis
> When asked to login use the following information.
> name: PGP USER ('PGP' is 1st name, 'USER' is 2nd name)
> password: PGP
> There is a special menu which one gets which shows the following
> programs to be available.
> PGP22.ZIP = Dos Version of "Pretty Good Privacy"
> PGP22SRC.ZIP = Source Code to PGP v2.2
> PGP22OS2.ZIP = OS/2 version of PGP v2.2
> PKZ204G.EXE = Current version of DOS based PKzip
> Should you have any questions e-mail either me
> ([email protected]) or the Sysop of the BBS whose address
> is [email protected].

If none of these sites do it for you, let me know. Film at 11.

Best regards!
-=- Hugh

P.S.: If you come across sites where it's posted -- especially FREE
ACCESS sites -- please drop me a line ([email protected]).
Thanks to the many correspondents who have helped to contribute to this
list on an almost daily basis!

Hugh Miller | Dept. of Philosophy | Loyola University of Chicago
Voice: 312-508-2727 | FAX: 312-508-2292 | [email protected]

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