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PDZIP Archieving/Zip Utilities
Version 2.2B -- August, 1991

Ismail Arslangiray
Charles Harper

Mailing Address: GroupWare P.O. BOX 300
Dupont, WA 98327-0300

BBS: 206-581-9088
FAX: 206-588-1588
MCI-MAIL: 380-8667
CIS: 70274,423
BIX: Iarslangiray
Fido-Net: 1:138/116


Non Commercial Usage:
These PDZIP utilities, FZIP and OpenZip, and the accompanying
documentation are copyrighted materials, but may be freely used in any
private application. No part of this material may be modified without
written permission from the authors.

Commercial Usage:
For commercial parties who may like to use this software as a part of
their distribution package, installation ect. , we require them to
register by sending two registered copies of their software to our

GroupWare P.O. BOX 300 Dupont, WA 98327-0300

Goverment Usage:
Other than educational purpose, such as school, universities ect. can
use this software at free of charge. But any other usage for local or
federal goverments usages are subject to registration.

The authors disclaim all warranties, expressed or implied. The authors
will assume no liability for damages either from the direct use of these
products or as a consequence of the use of these products.

Packing List:
There should be four files in this self-extracting ZOO archive:

FZIP.EXE ---- the program that creates 'ZIP' compatible archives.
OPENZIP.EXE -- the program that un-zips archives.
PDZIP.DOC ---- this document.


PKZIP and PKUNZIP are copyrighted by and trademarks of PKWARE Inc.
ZOO is copyrighted by Resul Deshi

Why did we write these programs?
Both of us are Fido-Net sysops and operate Fido-Net Boards. We enjoy
programming and and wanted to contribute to the computing world. We
hope you find these programs useful!

If you have any comments or feedback, you can reach us at any of the
phone numbers shown above. Your comments will help us improve these

It should be noted that it is not our intention to compete with Phil
Katz's (PKWARE) business. His programs offer more features and are
accordingly larger. .ZIP file format is in public domain!..

This utility is a clone of PKZIP.EXE program. It is a slightly
simplified version that creates compatible format ZIP files. It will
take a slightly longer to create the ZIP and the finished file will be
slightly larger.

Usage: Fzip Filename [filespec [...]]
Example: Fzip Filename *.* or *.Ext

Filename -- Filename of zip-compatible file to create.
-- The .ZIP extension is assumed and need not be specified.

Filespec -- The files to be converted to a ZIP-format archive.
-- A maximum of ten files may be listed.
-- The filespec may contain valid DOS wildcard characters.
-- The filespec may (optionally) include the drive:path\
-- If no filespecs are entered, *.* is used. (That is, FZIP
will attempt to create an archive containing all
the files in the current directory.

This utility is a clone of PKUNZIP.EXE file. It doesn't have all the
features of PKUNZIP, but it is close in performance to PKUNZIP.

Usage: OpenZip Filename
Example: OpenZip Filename,

Filename -- the .ZIP extension is assumed.
-- Note that valid DOS wildcards may be used, but only one
file may be specified.

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Archive   : PDZIP22.ZIP
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