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Using Playback within Windows.

Can you use Playback within Microsoft Windows 3.0? The answer is Yes
and No. It all depends on what you're trying to do.

If you load Playback before loading Windows in the hope that you will
be able to replay or capture keystrokes while in the Windows program
manager, you'll be disappointed. Playback will not record nor
playback while in the Windows program manager itself. Program
manager locks up the keyboard tighter than a drum. However, if you
were to open a window, Playback would record and playback within that
window. But don't do it. Here's why:

Let's say you have two open windows and you want to playback a
keyfile in one of the windows while you work in the other. So you go
to the window that you want to run the keyfile in and you enter the
keyfile name at the DOS prompt (or launch it from MENU, or hit the
playback hot key....) and the keyfile starts working. So now you
switch to the other window. To your surprise, Playback continues on
replaying the keystrokes all right, but in the new window now, not
the window you initiated it in. Not much use for that.

However, don't despair, as there is a perfectly good way to run a
Keyfile as a background window process. Instead of running your
normal application in the window, instead create a DOS batch file
that first loads Playback (put PB as the first command in the batch
file) and then loads the application. Then, any records and
playbacks you do will be confined only to that window. You can do
this in as many windows as you want.

This can be really spiffy. Suppose you want to run a keyfile in the
background while you write a letter in the foreground. Simple.
Let's assume you've previously recorded a Keyfile by the name of
WORK. Create a batch file with this in it:


and save it as WORKER.BAT (or any other name you want). Then crank
up Windows. You could create a new application that runs WORKER.BAT
or you could just run it from the Program Manager. Once it's
running, then open a new window to write your letter. WORKER.BAT
will run in the background window by first loading Playback (PB) and
then executing the WORK keyfile. Of course, since it's running in
the background it will execute slower than if it wasn't in the
background. But don't worry about the delay between keystrokes,
because Windows takes care of all that. Of course it won't run in
the background if the window it's running in isn't configured to run
in the background.

Clear as mud? All you need remember is not to load Playback before
running Windows. If you need Playback then load it within each of
the windows you want to use it in.

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Archive   : PB19.ZIP
Filename : WINDOWS.TXT

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