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PathHunt 1.0

A utility to answer the question:
"Where did that file come from?"

Copyright (C) 1990
Bit Bucket Software
9318 Farewell Road
Columbia, MD 21045

PathHunt was written to deal with the problem of
figuring out what version of a program you ran, or where it
came from. I work with a hard disk machine on a LAN, and
sometimes it's not clear what disk and subdirectory a file or
program came from. PathHunt let's me check the path for a
filespec, and figure out what happened.

PathHunt's operation is quite simple:

PATHHUNT filespec

The program will search the current directory, and then every
directory in the path for files that match the filespec, and
then display the names. For example:

C:\POWERC >pathhunt ed.*

produces the following result on my machine:

PathHunt 1.0 -- Copyright (C) 1990, Bit Bucket Software
Now searching for ed.*
Now searching for c:\utils\ed.*
Now searching for c:\wp\pcw\ed.*
Now searching for c:\bats\ed.*
Now searching for c:\ed.*
Now searching for c:\dos\ed.*
Now searching for c:\4dos\ed.*
Now searching for c:\newkey\ed.*
Now searching for c:\utils\norton\ed.*

PathHunt sends its results to the standard output, so
they may be process with FIND, MORE or other filter programs.
Currently the program does simple matching of the filespec,
so it's up to you to figure out what executable file you
actually got, it that's what you're after. Remember DOS
searches for .COM, .EXE and .BAT files, in that order. A
future version of this program may replicate that search

Typing PATHHUNT without the filespec will produce a
brief reminder message about what the program does.

PathHunt was written in C, and compiled using the Mix
PowerC compiler, version 1.3.0. Suggestions for improvement
are welcome. If you hack the source code to come up with
something more capable, please send me a copy.

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