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NREFRESH was copied from Micro C #35 p.30. The original was written
by Larry Fogg. Micro C, by the way is one of the better Micro Magazines
available. Micro C along with Programmer's Journal are the only PC
magazines to which I subscribe.

NREFRESH.COM is a small program which changes the PC's DMA
refresh rate. The DMA controller issues refreshes less often and
therefore more time is devoted to the execution of programs. It really
works. My PPC with a V20 chip normally shows an old Norton SI of
1.7. With the speedup it shows either 1.8 or 1.9. Overall, the
improvement is around 6%. Pretty good for a 14 byte program. I have
been running for several days now without a crash. If you have a
strange machine, you may not get as good results or your memory may
die on you, but this seems to be about 100% workable on my Portable.

The only bad thing I can say is that there is occasional snow on the
CGA monitor. I suspect that IBM increased the refresh rate on
purpose to slow the PC down a few percent to get rid of the CGA snow.

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