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Disable Ctrl-C, Ctrl-Break, and Ctrl-Alt-Del.
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Disable Ctrl-C, Ctrl-Break, and Ctrl-Alt-Del.
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J. Scott Sanbar

8100 Glenwood
Oklahoma City, OK 73114

CIS: 73760,3304

and higher. Installable device driver with minimal RAM use.
Should work on any IBM PC/XT/AT/PS/2 or true compatible.

NOSTOP.SYS is a very simple device driver installed at boot-up via the
CONFIG.SYS file. It throws away the CTRL-ALT-DEL (warm boot), CTRL-BREAK,
and CTRL-C keyboard combinations, effectively making any operation including
batch files, executable programs and DOS itself unstoppable from the
keyboard. Once installed, the only way to halt the computer is to hit
the reset button or turn off the computer.

TO USE: simply include this line in your CONFIG.SYS file that resides in
the root directory of the boot disk:


The above assumes NOSTOP.SYS resides in the root (\) directory of the boot
disk. If NOSTOP.SYS resides in some other directory you must include a
path. For instance, if NOSTOP.SYS resides on the C: drive in the \UTILITY


It is suggested that NOSTOP.SYS be declared in the CONFIG.SYS file before
any devices or TSR's that might be halted via one of the key combinations
NOSTOP.SYS disables.

NOSTOP.SYS is shareware and is fully copyrighted. You may use it freely
and distribute it in its original form along with this text file. However,
you may not alter it or distribute it without this text file, and may not
charge to distribute it. If you wish to use NOSTOP.SYS, you MUST send
a $5.00 registration fee to the address below:

J. Scott Sanbar
8100 Glenwood
Oklahoma City, OK 73114

CIS: 73760,3304

You may use NOSTOP.SYS for a trial period of TEN (10) days after which time
you must either register or discontinue its use.

NOSTOP.SYS may not work with 386 protected mode operating environments like
Windows 3.0. IE, NOSTOP will not disable warm boot under Windows 3.0 in
386 Enhanced mode, although it will work fine in real or standard mode and
will still throw away CTRL-BREAK and CTRL-C.

The device driver NOSTOP.SYS and this text file, NOSTOP.TXT, are both:

Copyright (c) 1990 by J. Scott Sanbar. All Rights Reserved.

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