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MSWITCH by Lee Lorenz
(C)1989 UTI Software

Class- Mouse utility

Description (short)- Allows ON/OFF switching of mouse

Method- TSR/Latch INT 33

MouseSWITCH give almost any mouse user the freedom to make a mouse
invisible to "mouse-aware" applications. This is especially useful when loading
some TSR applications (PCTools 5.1) or certain programs that do not work with
your particular brand of mouse. Now you have a choice! I made this program
because a program I had sensed the mouse, but failed to work with it. Short of
rebooting without the driver, there was little I could do. I can also toggle
the state before and after my "mouse-aware" TSRs (I'm not a big fan of TEXT
cursoring with a mouse).

The command are fairly simple:
Syntax: MSWITCH [command]

default (no command) toggles the state of the mouse.
ON activates the mouse.
OFF de-activates the mouse
STATUS displays the switch state
? gives a help screen

The first time MSWITCH is run, it will install itself, regardless of the
command. If there is no command at this time, it will toggle to ON.

As with all TSRs, Be careful when re-directing output, because TSRs will
steal a file handle from DOS; be sure to account for that in your CONFIG.SYS.

If you find this program useful, I would greatly appreciate a donation of
$5. Your support would encourage future improvements and development of more
utilities of this nature (I specialize in utilities everybody needs, but
nobody ever made) Please support the Shareware concept. Thanks.

Lee Lorenz
912 Charlesfort Rd
Beaufort, SC 29902-4004

Dungeon Quest ][
Zaphod Beeblebrox #20

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Archive   : MSWITCH.ZIP
Filename : MSWITCH.DOC

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