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Mouse Cursor Editor
Mouse Cursor Editor

Version 1.0 September 5, 1985

Program Description:
Program Description:

Mouse Cursor Editor is a utility that let's you design
cursors for use within BASIC programs. In the method
outlined in the Microsoft manual, you have to draw out what
you want your cursor to look like and then figure out the
numbers to tell the computer how to make this cursor. This
operation becomes very tedious after making even one cursor,
so I have designed a program to do this work for you. It
allows you to plot your cursors bit by bit on the screen and
even preview it before you decide to accept it. It will
write a BASIC program that will create that cursor. This
code can then be merged into your program in which you use
the Mouse Cursor. (This program uses the terms Cursor Mask,
Screen Mask, and Hot Spot. For an explanation of these
terms, see the Microsoft Mouse Users' Guide pp. 55-56.)

The program was written and tested only with a Microsoft

Program Operation:
Program Operation:

To design a cursor: Press | Function
Left Mouse Button | Plot a Point
Right Mouse Button | Erase a Point
Both Mouse Buttons | Test/Preview Cursor *

* To continue designing the cursor after finished Testing
it, press any mouse button.

Menu Choices:
Menu Choices:

Draw Cursor Mask: Draw a negative copy of the Cursor
Draw Cursor Mask
Mask to the Screen Mask. This is handy in that you can
then just go around the shape in the Screen Mask and
erase a line one pixel wide. You don't have to bother
with re-drawing your Cursor Mask exactly the same as it
was. There is no second chance on this option, since if
you really didn't want to do it, it won't cause too much

Load Cursor: Load a cursor into memory from a disk.
Load Cursor
Prompts you for a filename from which the program will
load the previously saved cursor (see next option.) The
extension .CSR will be added automatically. If you do
not wish to load a cursor, simply press at the
filename prompt. If you do choose to load a cursor, the
one on the screen will be erased from memory.

Save Cursor: Save a cursor from memory to disk. Prompts
Save Cursor
you for a filename to which you wish to save the cursor
that you have designed. The extension .CSR will be added
automatically. You may then load this cursor at a later
time to modify it.

Write BASIC code: Write BASIC commands to disk file.
Write BASIC code
May later be merged into a BASIC program. The program
that it writes will create the mouse cursor that you drew
on the screen. It will prompt you for a filename. The
extension .BAS will be added automatically. You will be
asked to enter the beginning line number to use and the
increment you desire. These default to 10 and 10, but
other values may be used. If you enter negative numbers
or non-integers, the program will replace your choice
with the value 10. You will then be asked to place the
cursor on the Hot Spot. Do so and press a button.

Clear Screen: Erase and redraw the entire screen. Since
Clear Screen
this action would erase the cursor on the screen from
memory, you are asked to acknowledge the command. The
left mouse button aborts, the right one tells it to go

Quit Program: Exit the program and return to DOS. Also
Quit Program
erases the cursor on the screen from memory and you are
prompted to acknowledge this command just as in previous
option. The 'ESC' key will also exit the program in case
you somehow get the program running without a mouse

Some sample cursors are included with this program. They are
named CURS*.CSR where * is a number. To load them, do not
enter the extension.

This is a new program. If you discover any bugs, please let
me know. Please provide as much detail as possible.

I can be contacted at either of the following bulletin boards:

Newport Communications System - (714) 650-6699
The Consultants' Exchange - (714) 842-6348

Mike Salisbury
1711 Skylark Lane
Newport Beach, CA 92660

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