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MARC - Archive merger, Version 5.00, created on 01/23/86 at 14:08:43
(C) COPYRIGHT 1985 by System Enhancement Associates; ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Please refer all inquiries to:

System Enhancement Associates
21 New Street, Wayne NJ 07470

You may copy and distribute this program freely, provided that:
1) No fee is charged for such copying and distribution, and
2) It is distributed ONLY in its original, unmodified state.

If you like this program, and find it of use, then your contribution will
be appreciated. You may not use this product in a commercial environment
or a governmental organization without paying a license fee of $35. Site
licenses and commercial distribution licenses are available. A program
disk and printed documentation are available for $50.

If you fail to abide by the terms of this license, then your conscience
will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Usage: MARC [ . . .]
Where: is the archive to add files to,
is the archive to get files from, and
is zero or more file names to get.