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LIST Version 9.1c VERSION HISTORY Jan 31, 1995

9.1c 1/31/95 - Correct use of OPT file from old versions
9.1b 1/27/95 - Public release
9.1a 10/06/94 - Plus: change Ctrl-V to properly switch display windows;
Ctrl-PgUp and Ctrl-PgDn no longer result in switching
display windows; any file can be viewed in either window
9.14 10/05/94 - Change year in date displays to 4-digits
- Plus: correct use of LISTOPT when mouse cloned on

9.0k, 5/27/94 - Cosmetic changes only

9.0j, 5/05/94 - Plus: fiddle with mouse sensitivity; save and restore user
mouse settings

9.0f, 12/11/93 - Plus: correct Drive Not Available with upper case drive letter
- Correct search using wildcard escape character

9.0e, 11/15/93 - Plus: allow access to CD ROMs in shareware version

9.0d, 10/30/93 - Experiment with cloning of STDIN for console input
- Fix T/J/w/* filters adding extra 3-chars to end of file

9.0c, 10/24/93 - Plus: correct check for networked drives; the shareware
version does not support networked drives

9.0b, 8/23/93 - Plus: correct lost character before page break (ctrl-L)
- Plus: correct hex display stripping hibit in hex part
- Plus: correct free space value on drives over 640mb
- Plus: correct incompatibility with older LISTOPT programs

9.0a, 7/14/93 - Public release to registered users

8.0a, 7/07/93 - Skipped version due to hacked versions
- Correct /M and mouse support

7.8a, 7/01/93 - Plus: correct c-L issuing Scan instead of page break

7.804, 5/30/93 - Plus: change c-L to start new line for page break
- Changed CED option default to off

7.802, 4/27/93 - Add Ctrl-L to toggle showing of page break separator lines
- Plus: add LISTOPT menu 3 item to specify the number
of directory entries to scroll at end of screen;
default is 23; DEBUG field is FSMscroll
7.801, 4/17/93 - Plus: correct fnf option, add spinner for read file progress

7.705, 3/26/93 - Plus: correct path used with /d

7.704, 3/14/93 - Plus: correct LISTOPT fnf/dir option
3/07/93 - Plus: make mouse sensitivity consistent
- Plus: add % command to viewer to show percentage read
instead of last line number
01/31/93 - correct fsm ghost file entry after right arrow

7.703, 11/23/92 - Plus: revise internal sort; add descend option as clonable
12/17/92 - Plus: correct cursor position after delete/move
1/31/93 - Plus: correct phantom file entry display after right arrow

LIST Version 9.1b VERSION HISTORY Jan 27, 1995

7.702, 11/14/92 - Plus: add read-only option to LISTOPT version T

7.701, 10/21/92 - Plus: correct TAB in fs not working
- Plus: treat TEMP like LIST environment variable
11/05/92 - Plus: correct F3 with empty directory
11/08/92 - Plus: add a-F7 and a-F8 to change FS bar colors

7.7a, 10/07/92 - Public release

7.613, 9/22/92 - Plus: prevent run-on of mark/unmark on slow systems
8/13/92 - Plus: correct File Selection 'up' columns changing to 2
8/03/92 - Plus: correct File Selection reverse date sort
7.610, 6/06/92 - Plus: add * (asterisk) command to file selection menu
to re-read directory and update display; change Help
to not re-read directory
7.610, 5/26/92 - Plus: change Invoke to allow null Options, ESCape has
no effect at the Options prompt if CED is used, otherwise
the screen is scrolled up one (just like DOS) and the
input is cleared.

7.608, 4/03/92 - Plus: change A from tag all to show/change file
attributes; the four letters 'ashr' are use to indicate
Archived, System, Hidden, and Read-only. Lower case
indicates that the attribute is off; upper case that it
is on. Supply any combination of 'ashr' letters in the
appropriate case to set/reset file attributes.
The new A command does not yet support tagged files.
In LIST Enhanced, use Ctrl-T to tag all files.
3/10/92 - Plus: add option to say "file not found" instead of
displaying the directory for an unknown file
- Plus: correct use of /D with directory names only,
e.g. no filespec supplied
3/26/92 - Herc: increase internal buffers from 12k to 16k for
proper handling of 16k long fixed length records
- Plus: Add J like alt-I to view file named at cursor position

7.607, 1/09/92 - Cosmetic changes
7.606, 10/08/91 - Correct hex display with 7 filter on
10/14/91 - Correct Wrap with tabs option off
7.605, 9/15/91 - Plus: change the way that the mouse works in the viewer
9/22/91 - Plus: change the way up/down arrow work in file selection
menu: up wraps to last entry, down scroll one page

7.6b, 9/13/91 - public release

7.603, 8/30/91 - Plus: add delay to sending chars for dialer
8/22/91 - Plus: do not restore video mode upon exit unless LIST had
changed it
- Plus: change Scan/Find and Bottom to stop if escape is
pressed (used to be any key)
8/28/91 - Plus: correct use of video function 1112h for EGA/VGA

7.601, 8/17/91 - Plus: correct I)nvoke not cancelling with null enter
- Add option in LISTOPT panel 3 to send formfeed after ctrl-P
- Plus: add modem initialization to dialer

7.6a, 8/13/91 - Public release

LIST Version 9.1b VERSION HISTORY Jan 27, 1995

7.548, 8/09/91 - Plus: add . command to a-v to change to parent directory
7.547, 8/07/91 - Plus: correct a-D not writing current screen if no lines
marked or highlighted
8/02/91 - Plus: Correct video mode set upon exiting for a-x and x

7.546, 7/25/91 - Plus: remove sending formfeed for ctrl-P
- Reinstate distribution of LISTS and LISTR files

7.545, 7/24/91 - Plus: change to exit when no files when using a mouse
- Plus: disallow getting new files when viewing a piped file
- Plus: correct loop with Help and empty directory

7.543, 7/21/91 - Plus: revise memory allocation. Minimum memory required
is now 74k. This yeilds 250 directory entries, a maximum
file size limit of 4mb and no screen saving (alt-X).
With 100k, the maximum of 1000 directory entries and a
maximum file size limit of 16mb.

7.5i2, 7/18/91 - Plus: correct sort with no entries and non-filename key

7.539, 7/08/91 - Plus: improve ctrl-v with single files
7.538, 6/28/91 - Plus: correct loop in alt-I using different directories
7/05/91 - Plus: exclude directories from -F sort
7.536, 6/13/91 - Plus: improve video mode reset for exiting
- Improve ctrl-right positioning to end of longest line
7.535, 6/08/91 - Plus: make continuous scrolling faster, 1000 lpm maximum
- Plus: correct disk free space check when replacing file
7.534, 6/14/91 - Plus: correct Invoke requiring something in Options:
- Disable alt-G DOS shell for piped files
5/27/91 - Plus: a-v, leave on line overlap for PgUp/PgDn
5/29/91 - Plus: correct file selection of files without extensions
- fix beeper lockout
6/01/91 - Plus: if empty directory, disallow all commands except
exits, Filemask, and Path.
6/03/91 - Plus: change dialer to accept only space (32) through @ (40) and 0 thru 9

7.5i, 5/23/91 - Regular: Correct memory allocation error with UV

7.533, 5/21/91 - Plus: correct /B with 3-up file display
- Correct loop with up and left arrows (and mouse) when
the directory is empty
- Plus: correct viewing of ARJ files; change E to P
- Plus: allow byte sizes up to 640 Gb (was 640 Mb)

7.5h, 5/16/91 - public release

7.532, 5/11/91 - Plus: changed ctrl-P (print file) to add formfeed at end
7.531, 5/07/91 - Plus: fix ARJ extract parameter
- correct detection of negative command line switches,
e.g. /-W or /W- are both valid now
7.530, 5/03/91 - Plus: correct alt-A returning to menu
7.529, 4/29/91 - Plus: remove trailing blanks from filespec (Sun glitch)
- Plus: allow ESC to cancel a-v Sort
7.528, 4/26/91 - Plus: correct a-v Filemask command not allowing editing
of current mask

LIST Version 9.1b VERSION HISTORY Jan 27, 1995

7.527, 4/19/91 - Plus: add '-' option for descending a-v sort
4/23/91 - Correct inability to clone alt-s file sharing
4/24/91 - Correct loop with mouse (/M) and empty disk (no files)
7.526, 4/10/91 - Plus: correct a-v after a-i changing directory
- Make O (Eurodate) clonable
- Plus: close input file for Copy if respond N to
over-write warning
- Plus: check for sufficient disk space before copy/move
4/13/91 - Plus: remove sending of '1' in dialer
7.525, 4/02/91 - Correct /F and /T using one less character
- Plus: make more memory available for FV and ARCE
- Plus: add from Invoke Options: prompt to cancel
- Correct right-arrow with marked lines showing garbage
7.524, 3/28/91 - Plus: Correct command line processing of x:nnn parameters
7.523, 3/25/91 - Plus: correct a-v copy overwrite message showing
origin instead of destination file name
3/26/91 - Correct blink/hi-intensity logic
7.522, 3/16/91 - Plus: make Continuous scrolling cpu speed independent
3/21/91 - Revised memory allocation: turning off screen saving
with alt-n (and then cloning) results in a smaller
memory requirement, about 64k for LIST Plus.

7.521, 3/08/91 - Plus: change F2 to F3 to toggle line 25 message
3/14/91 - Plus: correct ESC from alt-W changing color to normal2
- Plus: correct alt-B if in bottom window
3/15/91 - Plus: correct speed locate for sort orders not by filename
- Correct command line color change after find/scan

7.5g, 3/11/91 - Version 7.5g released to registered and licensed users

7.520, 3/05/91 - add /4 command line switch to enter in 43/50 line mode
- Plus: improve dialer, add '1' for LD calls
3/06/91 - Plus: correct cursor positioning when moving to parent
directory which is on the second or later screen
7.519, 2/21/91 - correct handling of APXcore flag (ignore DV checks)
- Plus: correct ViewArc failing after ESCape to Alt-I
- Allow use of hi-intensity background via LISTOPT only
2/26/91 - improve * filter to handle 8D-8A sequence and backspace
7.518, 2/20/91 - all DEBUG offset and information have been replaced byt
the LISTOPT customization program
2/19/91 - correct alt-B not highlighting last line plus one of file
- correct saving and restoring of EGA/VGA blink status
7.517, 2/06/91 - Correct a-D/a-O not marked lines span 64k boundary
7.516, 1/29/91 - Plus: add PAK and SDN format to Viewarc and alt-I functions
- Correct address exception with F9 ScanBack
- Plus: check target filenames for invalid characters
- Add /L-, S-, W-, J-, M- command line parameter
- Correct Q from a-v not displaying file last viewed
7.515, 1/08/91 - Plus: correct file selection menu with /D and no d:\path
- Plus: add shift-letter to jump to filename starting with
with that letter in the a-v directory display
1/06/91 - Correct display duplication after ctrl-F
- correct alt-I for sfx files and with fixed length files
- Plus: correct a-v loop with empty disk

LIST Version 9.1b VERSION HISTORY Jan 27, 1995

7.514,12/02/90 - add /Q and a-Q to toggle beeps
- change beeper to beep twice at the same frequency
regardless of cpu speed; tone specified by LOUDNES
- change dialer ctrl-T to position cursor on found line
- change cursor to large size for all cursor positioning
- add /V and use of DOS VERIFY setting to verify files

7.513,11/14/90 - improve color used for tagged files
- correct display of toggles on command line
- correct /S terminating command line processing
- change Help to accept any key as except
- correct c-K not showing numbers when scrolled right
- change scroll interval for hexdump mode to line up with ruler
- Plus: add \ as change path command
11/25/90 - Plus: correct a-x, should exit in original directory
11/26/90 - Correct display of Help screens with /B option
- Correct position of "New file" message with split screen
- Add /D command line option to go directly to file
selection (unfinished)
11/27/90 - Plus: if the last record number is unknown, display the
percentage of the file read so far
11/30/90 - Correct duplicate display if a-d or a-o used with no
lines marked or found

7.5f, 10/26/90 - released to registered users
- correct a-v directory sort not in filename order

7.510,10/16/90 - correct display of datestamp with piped files
- correct Find/Scan failing with large piped files
- added /B command line parameter to force LIST to use BIOS
instead of direct screen writing for displaying files

7.509,10/15/90 - issue "Program not found" message if FV or ARCE/PKUNZIP are
not found for the a-v V command used with the a-I command
7.508,10/13/90 - increase continuous scroll increment to 8 from 1
- correct ctrl-right acting like ctrl-B
- Plus: exclude directory names from a-v sort

7.507,10/09/90 - add O command to toggle date format from US mm/dd/yy
format to European dd-mm-yy format which is clonable
10/05/90 - Plus: ignore Q from a-v if last viewed file has been deleted
10/04/90 - help screen corrections
- correct /F parameter
- add /T parameter to search for case sensitive text
7.5e, 9/27/90 - Plus: add Z command to toggle a-v menu line 25
9/25/90 - Plus: improve dialing command, correct dialing message
- change cursor positioning on help screens
7.5d 9/20/90 - Plus: add message "No file(s) found" to file selection
screen if disk/directory has no files. You may use commands
like Path at this point, but commands like Copy/Delete/etc
have no meaning.
9/19/90 - Plus: correct "No files found" after deleting a subdirectory
9/18/90 - correct Find with mixed case search text
- Plus: correct inability to clone a-v sort None option
- Plus: correct dialing message (junk on right side)
- Plus: reset RTS when disconnecting modem

LIST Version 9.1b VERSION HISTORY Jan 27, 1995

7.5c, 9/12/90 - correct loop in Find/Scan when using '&?' in search text
- add command line /E parameter to begin display at eof

7.5b, 9/03/90 - Plus: correct loop when empty directory

7.5a, 8/30/90 - public release

7.4e, 8/28/90 - correct mouse looping at top of file
- changed /F to use Find instead of Scan
- make cursor visible when /M mouse option used
7.4d, 8/25/90 - correct Scan/Find for search text at end of records
8/22/90 - don't clear screen for alt-G
- change a-v Edit to exclude prompt for options and return
- leave cursor visible when mouse is enabled

7.4a, 8/07/90 - correct search loop if enter commands too fast
- correct highlighting of line before top line when text is not found

7.427, 7/31/90 - more corrections to new Find
- change Alt-Y to recall bookmarks in LIFO order
7.426, 7/28/90 - correct Tab filter for tab at end of file
- correct inability to interrupt Scan/Find
7.425, 7/27/90 - correct new Find not finding string at end of line
7.424, 7/25/90 - add 0Ch (formfeed) like line feed to filters
7.423, 7/18/90 - correct incorrect highlighting of found text with Find
- correct alt-A switching to Find if Scan used
7.422, 7/01/90 - correct auto adjustment of a-v up for small windows
- Plus: expand a-y and c-y to hold ten bookmarks
7.421, 6/24/90 - minor Help screen changes
- Plus: added "Reading directories ..." message
6/28/90 - Plus: clean up a-v displays with split screen
7.420, 6/22/90 - optimize allocation of internal tables to allowing viewing
even when there's not enough memory; a-x and a-g are
disabled first to try for enough memory; then, the
maximum file size viewable is decreased until there is
enough memory; approximately 1K is required for each 1mb
of file size, the current limit is 16mb, but can be
increased to 400mb or more; a DEBUG patch for the file
size limit will be supplied later, or just included
in the ADN setup program.
7.419, 6/21/90 - correct display of blank lines with fixed length recs
- change ctrl-right to scroll full right
- change a-g to clear screen
7.418, 6/14/90 - correct loop with zero byte files
7.417, 6/13/90 - correct fast filter for fixed length records which
have no CR at the end
7.416, 6/12/90 - add second hex dump format for fixed length records
- try to correct EOF problems with /R#
7.415, 6/09/90 - correct display of files sizes with 1-up

7.414, 6/06/90 - correct divide overflow on a-v menu
- correct ruler display with split screen
- add second ruler format for hex dump display
7.413, 6/05/90 - correct display of file sizes over 32mb
- correct inputting of numbers over 64k

LIST Version 9.1b VERSION HISTORY Jan 27, 1995

7.412, 6/03/90 - correct a-v delete/move failing because file was
opened for share
- correct setback attr changing bright color
- replace a-v A and K with ^T and ^U
- change tagging color to be reverse of normal color
- correct EOF code, garbage character at offset '127' in file
- change alt-D and alt-O to write the "found" line from
Scan/Find when no lines are marked
- correct reading keyboard while loading file
- correct file size displays for sizes over 32mb, up to 999mb
7.411, 6/02/90 - fix "Access denied" message on non-EGA systems when
supplying only d:\path (no filespec) on the command line
- add switching of smode list via 0; from the a-e prompt,
enter 0 to switch from A)head to P)aradise codes
- correct loop using fixed length records, /Rnnnn
- increase maximum logical record size from 910 to 2048
- work on EOF garbage displays and hex dump extra last char

7.410, 6/01/90 - work on EOF garbage displays
- the various flavors are:
LS - small version, runs in 30k, no a-g, no a-x
LR - regular version
LP - plus version, has a-v file selection menu

7.49, 5/31/90 - add '/#nnnnnn' command line parameter to begin viewing at
record number 'nnnnnn' (plus and enhanced only)

7.48, 5/30/90 - add / from AV menu to toggle disk space message
- tweak AltW routines; correct split screen problems
when changing video modes
- change printing to use LPT1
- add / from AV menu to toggle disk space message
- change printing to use LPT1 instead of stdout

7.47, 5/10/90 - add support for video modes 22h, 23h, 24h (132 lines)
If the screen becomes unreadable, e.g. the mode enters
a graphics mode for your display adapter, press Alt-E
and then a 1 to reset the display.
7.46, 5/09/90 - add user screen mode selection via alt-E
- add support for UltraVision, VGA, other screen modes
7.45, 5/08/90 - speed up Find
- correct search for & and ?
- fixed tagged deleted deleting file at bar
- fix alt-A always invoking Find
- fix message, attempt to delete an open file says 'Disk full'
instead of access denied
- restore cursor shape after invoking a program
- add filename to "Overwrite?" prompt
- add copying of tagged files
7.44, 3/15/90 - add support for DV to return cycles waiting for console
7.42, 3/02/90 - add Wrap to fast filter
- change Wrap and alt-J and 7/8/* to stay near position
- add F (filemask) command to a-v
- add Tag, Untag, AllTag, KlearTag commands
- change Delete to process tagged files

LIST Version 9.1b VERSION HISTORY Jan 27, 1995

7.41, 2/23/90 - correct error handling in a-v after unknown key
- set d:\path from LIST string for FE
- add None sort option to a-v
- check for existing file in a-v Move/Copy
7.40, 2/16/90 - correct file selection with 6-up display
- use filename as secondary sort key

7.3e, 2/03/90 - fix invisible cursor with mouse after alt-g
2/04/90 - move editor name to clonable area
- add I invoke program command to a-v menu
2/06/90 - retain FV display after a-i
2/08/90 - correct alt-i with mouse
- restore correct crt mode upon exit instead of BW80
2/11/90 - correct READING loop in Q from a-v menu
7.3d, 2/02/90 - fix path loop, add Edit option to a-v
7.3a2, 2/01/90 - fix C continuous scroll not working

7.3a, 1/31/90 - version 7.3 released
7.36, 1/30/90 - add second help page for plus version
- add ctrl-right as restart with first file like 1
7.35, 1/26/90 - correct memory allocation if only enough for one
file buffer
- correct a-v ESCape returning to root directory
7.34, 1/25/90 - fix a-v Path loop with "d:\" syntax
- improve ctrl-v switching of windows
- add 1 command to restart displaying with first file
7.33, 1/25/90 - correct various file selection filename/path bugs
7.32, 1/23/90 - decrease minimum file buffers requirement back to one
- correct Review missing d:\path from a-v selection
7.31, 12/29/89 - add LIST environment variable for Viewarc
1/17/90 - set original datestamp for move and copy
1/19/90 - disable auto-scroll after Find with Wrap on
- add /K on command line option to disable mouse
- correct bug in FastScan not finding data at end of
- correct Reading loop after toggling alt-S shared flag
- increase modem init string from 20 to 30 characters
7.30, 12/07/89 - fuss with mouse sensitivity and cursor lines
change alt-Y to recall bookmark line
add ctrl-Y to set bookmark line

7.2a, 11/26/89 - version 7.2a released
7.23, 11/25/89 - correction for files with CR but no LF
- correct Ctrl-I with TAB interval of 0
7.22, 11/24/89 - correct AltI not changing the drive
- correct X command
7.21, 11/22/89 - change old X command to exit in original subdir for
plus version
- correct selection of subdirs with extensions
- correct a-v Copy to allow copying with a different
filename to the same directory
- add display of file attributes to 1-up

LIST Version 9.1b VERSION HISTORY Jan 27, 1995

7.20, 11/11/89 - correct return to route if cmdline file not found
- refresh a-v display after delete or move
- correct a-v display of garbage if delete last file
- restore command line switches in small version
- add X command to a-v to exit in original subdir
- make /M mouse option clonable
- correct mouse horizontal sensitivity
- change /F to use Find instead of Scan
- change a-v Viewarc a-i to default to .ARC
- change a-v Viewarc a-i to treat COM and EXE as LHARC
- restrict Help display to current window dimensions
- correct fast filter for lack of LF after CR
- add F10 like ESC to exit from a-v menu

7.1a, 10.28.89 - version 7.1 released

7.15, 10/26/89 - correct new filter EOF problem
- correct Q from a-v menu when no files have been viewed
7.14, 10/25/89 - improve filter speed if no options (alt-J,*,etc) set
- change filter defaults to none
7.13, 10/23/89 - change Ctrl-I to be TAB interval command
- change Q in a-v to return to viewing of last file
- add Alt-X in a-v as exit with original screen
- correct c-end in a-v
- change F2/F4 to change found line attributes if present
- allow cloning of second window color in normal version
- add LZH to ViewArc/a-i
7.12, 10/21/89 - allow 11 character subdirectory names, 5 or less up
- change default a-v display to 5-up
- correct a-v sort by date/time
7.11, 10/20/89 - allow d:\path command line syntax
- change a-v down arrow to wrap to first entry after
last one
7.10, 10/15/89 - correct highlighting of found text
10/16/89 - correct a-v selection of root directory
- correct inability to clone text colors in
regular version
10/18/89 - fix c-PgUp in regular version
- move code so offsets line up for DEBUG in manual
- correct cloning of second window color
- add ctrl-J to redefine TAB interval

7.0a, 10/15/89 - version 7 initial release