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Version 1.1 of linestep. Allows you to step through a file, learning how data is stored in it. Now works with exe files.
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Version 1.1 of linestep. Allows you to step through a file, learning how data is stored in it. Now works with exe files.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

The original version of linestep was only good for text files, but the new version overcame this problem and I've used it with .exe programs as well as the .BAS programs I intended it for.
LINESTEP does not accept input from the dos prompt. Once it begins, the program will prompt you for the name of the file you wish to examine. Entering a null (no characters), the word QUIT or a q cancels program execution.
LINESTEP has no switches. It uses a system of HOT KEYS which you can press at any time. q is the most powerful of these keys.
q quits the program at any time.
P turns the printer option on or off.
C causes the program to print continuously. Usefull if your printout is going to the printer
The program will ask you if you wish to change the number of lines printed between pauses. The default is 20. On exe files I often find that a bit much, but it's good for text files, basic programs and macros. If you want to change the number of lines, enter a y at the prompt and you will be asked for a new number. Valid numbers are 1 to 256.
If you need more than that, use the c option.
When the program pauses, pressing any key starts the next cycle. It pauses to allow you to examine whatever is on the screen. The c option is available if this is not satisfactory. REMEMBER: the HOT KEYS are active during the pause. Pressing q,p, or c will activate options when the printout continues.
This program is shareware, although not a crippled program. Your registration fee is $3.50 (AMERICAN). I can be reached at:
Robert l. Coeyman
929 Long Cove Road
Glen Burnie, Maryland
Enclose a SASE if you wish a response. Registration does not include a copy of the newest version of the software unless a disk is sent to put it on. Remember the SASE. To keep your cost down, I have to keep my costs down. Send $15.00 if you wish me to send you a disk containing the new software.
I'll hear your complaints and ideas.

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