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From [email protected] Tue Apr 20 21:16:13 EET DST 1993
Article: 6991 of comp.compression
From: [email protected] (Masaoki Kobayashi)
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1993 02:53:01 GMT
Subject: Re: LHA 2.55B READ.ME translation
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Organization: YHP Hachioji HSTD R&D, Tokyo Japan
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Hi folks,

Following text is my translation of READ.ME inside LHA255B.EXE package.
Although I am good at Japanese :-), I am not good at English. If you
have any difficulty for reading my poor English, feel free to e-mail me.

-- [email protected]
-- [email protected]

I am glad if this would be your help!

Note: I do NOT have any relationship with the author Yoshi. I cannot
answer any questions about him, nor ask request to him.


1. Added '-d' option which is equal to '-r2x1a2'
2. Changed 'p' command with '-n[1|2]' option not to print filenames
3. Printing filenames on extraction sometimes garbled
4. Sometimes hang up with 'f' command
5. If you stop lha with m command deleting, the results was terrible
6. Made pathnames upto 128 bytes including last '\0' (for DOS 5)
7. Use TEMP if TMP is not defined (for DOS 5)
8. Added '-f' option which does not check the rest disk capacity
9. Added extractability for new (now developing) '-lh6-' method

1. 'f' command sometimes deleted file whose name does not match
2. Sometimes the progress printing was not good
3. Fasten file copy

1. The process of a filename that MS-DOS can not manipulate was incorrect

1. Bug of '-lh0-' method self extraction
2. New wildcard
? Arbitrary 1 character
* Arbitrary string at least 0 character (except '.')
+ Arbitrary string at least 1 character (except '.')
[] One of characters inside the parenthesis
You can specify area like [a-z]
3. Changed '-i' option
a. For (f, d, s, e, x, t, p, l, v) commands
-i0 Search as case ignored
-i1,-i2 Search as case sensitive
b. For (a, u, m) commands
-i0 Store as all characters upper case
-i1 Only wildcard specified filename stored as upper case
(Others will be as you specified on command line)
-i2 Only wildcard specified filename stored as lower case
(Others will be as you specified on command line)
4. Changed temporary filename to 'lhtmp???.lzh' where ??? is hex number
from 000 to fff, not to match existing filename

1. Bug fix inside wildcard expand
2. Sometimes temporary files remain existing on ^C (break)